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Why Lance Will Win <i>Dancing With the Stars</I>

Every year I say that I'm not going to watch this show anymore. But then I do. This time around I got suckered into watching because of the adorable Lance Bass (I never noticed he was the worst dancer in the boy band, I just thought he was cute!), who was teamed new pro Lacey Schwimmer, whom I loved on So You Think You Can Dance. I was fully prepared to stop watching once the N'Sync boy got ousted, which, judging by his early performances, should have been right about the time Cloris got the boot. However, he's stepped up his game and now he's in the finals. While I'm slightly miffed that I've wasted countless hours on this show, I think he stands a shot at actually winning this season. Go figure.

Brooke Burke is probably the smarter choice. She's been a solid performer, has gotten heaps of praise from the judges and hasn't fallen into the bottom. However, I'm going with my gut on this one. I think Lance will win. Despite his risk-taking performances, most of which have not been hits with the judges, the American public has kept him around week after week. And now that he's put some shoes on (or at least attempted to), is doing the required technical steps, and earning 10s from Carrie Ann and Bruno, it seems like he's finally put it all together for a winning combination. Lacey's inexperience, which initially seemed like a liability on this proper ballroom show, seems to have worked in their favor. They've really grown together. They've somehow found just the right mix of rebellious attitude and footwork skills. Plus, Lance is infinitely more enjoyable to watch than Brooke since he actually looks like he's happy to be there. I'm all for competitive spirit and everything, but on this show, I appreciate a little bit of humor thrown in the mix. I don't want to see people looking miserable even if they do get high scores. If Brooke actually convinced me that her smiles were real, I'd consider betting on her.

Much as I love Warren Sapp, I really don't think he's got a chance in hell. He's a joy to watch. Mindy can attest that I giggle during all of his numbers when I watch them in the AM, but he's far from the best dancer. Far. I'm shocked that he's lasted this long, but delighted that he'll be in the finals. I can't wait to see him go freestyle.

Who do you think will take home the tacky mirrorball trophy? Let us know.

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