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<I>J.O.N.A.S.</I> Goes <I>FOTC</I> and Its Driving Me M.A.D.

So the uberpopular Jonas Brothers with their mop top hair and their innocent sugar music and non-threatening teenage appeal have long had a Disney channel show in the works. Their surefire ratings hit dubbed J.O.N.A.S was going to take the trio of brothers and set them in the wild world of spies. Now that actually sounds like it could be mildly entertaining if I was 12. A little Alias, a little Spy Kids and a little Monkees and bam, you've got a series. What could be wrong with that? It's better than the premise of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Well, apparently the siblings (or someone controlling their puppet strings) decided to go in a different direction. The trio told Seacrest this morning at one of his multitude of jobs that they've changed their format somewhat (and by somewhat they really mean entirely) and have decided to instead rip-off clone follow the model of Flight of the Conchords for their series. While I give the tots (they are about half my age so therefore they are tots or young'uns, take your pick) credit for having the good taste to recognize the brilliance of FOTC (they claim it is one of their favorite shows), I can't believe that they can pull off the subtle humor of the show featuring New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo. Plus, together the three of them aren't as hot as either Bret or Jermaine. And closer to their age bracket, don't those Naked Brothers kind of attempt to do a similar thing already? I mean, I shouldn't be admitting that I've seen The Naked Brothers Band (though it was for work/research purposes), but they have sort of a faux documentary vibe going on where they just randomly break out into song... which is kind of what the Conchords do, but in a funnier and more mature way. So it just seems silly to me that the Jonas Brothers will be doing essentially the same thing. The whole concept is blowing my mind right now, which is exactly why I should go back to ignoring stories like this because they are just bound to upset me.




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