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A Singing Colbert <i>Is</i> The Greatest Gift of All! Thanks, God! I was hoping you'd been listening to my prayers about Stephen Colbert making a one-hour musical Christmas special featuring the likes of Elvis Costello, Feist, Jon Legend, Willie Nelson and token Jew Jon Stewart! And I'm not even that mad that you insisted on putting that assmongrel Toby Keith on the bill, because I know I'm not the only one in the universe (or at least that's the game we're pretending today). From what I can tell, this little revue you've whipped up, which you wisely decided to call A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All, sounds almost identical to A Muppet Family Christmas: Colbert gets snowed in at his cabin upstate and weathers the storm (lit'rally) by singing songs with all his buddies. (Ohhh, and Toby Keith even looks like Miss Piggy! This analogy totally works!)

In addition to performances by the aforementioned musicians, we'll be treated to original compositions (penned by Daily Show exec producer David Javerbaum and composed by Fountains Of Wayne's Adam Schlesinger), including such soon-to-be-hits as "Little Dealer Boy" (performed by Colbert and Nelson), "Hannukah" (performed by Colbert and Stewart) and "There Are Much Worse Things to Believe In" (performed by Colbert and Costello). The manna from heaven will air November 25 on Comedy Central, and proceeds from the sale of the DVD will go to Feeding America, inspiring me to create a new word: Charitainment, you guys!




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The Telefile

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