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Music to Doctor Who Fans’ Ears

by Angel Cohn December 29, 2008 10:46 am
Music to <I>Doctor Who</I> Fans’ Ears

I'm still upset about David Tennant leaving Doctor Who. I'm not going to lie. It's been about two months since the official announcement and I'm still mostly in denial about it. Especially since I just got cute little Doctor Who toys for the holiday, and him with the Adipose? Adorable. Anyway, making the whole situation slightly less sucky is news that David Tennant and Russell T. Davies want to go out with a bang... and maybe a little song too. Doctor Who... the musical? It's like a dream come true.

Tennant says he'd be up for one of his final four specials to be a musical, but that John Barrowman is most excited about the prospect. Well, given that the dreamy Captain Jack portrayer has a gorgeous singing voice and oodles of stage experience, I'm not surprised. And of course there is speculation that a musical episode might mean that Billie Piper would be back, given that she's a former pop star. Though after that gut-wrenching season finale lord only knows how that could/would happen. Even if it doesn't mean more Rose, I'm excited at the mere possibility of this happening. The Buffy musical episode is one of my personal favorites and I trust that the Doctor Who PTB would come up with something that could rival it. Oh, if they could somehow find a way for Capt. John Hart (played by James Marsters) to stumble into this melodic mix, that would be incredible. My head might explode, but it would be worth it.




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