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2 Broke Girls: Kat’s Out of the Bag

by Angel Cohn September 20, 2011 6:00 am
<I>2 Broke Girls</I>: Kat’s Out of the Bag

The commercials for this show featuring Beth Behrs getting shot in the face with whipped cream don't do this comedy any favors. In fact, shticky things like that were what made me fear this show. That and the fact that Whitney Cummings is a producer and Whitney was one of the most godawful pilots I've ever seen. But if you can put aside those things and just watch 2 Broke Girls, you'll find that it's actually quite amusing, largely thanks to the deadpan delivery of the incredible Kat Dennings.

The premiere introduced us to the basic conceit: Max (Dennings) works her ass off in Brooklyn as a waitress to make ends meet. She taunts gross hipsters and easily handles her boss and a flirty chef. Then we met formerly rich girl Caroline (Behrs), whose father lost all their cash in a Ponzi scheme and now she's forced to actually work for a living while her family name is completely disgraced. Max also has a job in the city as a nanny for another socialite, which gives her a little bit of insight into Caroline's former life. Despite their initial distaste for each other and the fact that they couldn't be more opposite in personality, they eventually end up as roommates who have each other's back when it comes to douchebag boyfriends and the like, but yet still taunt and tease each other constantly.

While Dennings is abrasively wonderful, Behrs gives as good as she gets, but in a sweeter sort of way. Together, along with the cast of oddball diner employees, the show almost feels like a bit of a modern day spin on Alice and I half expected Max to tell someone to kiss her grits at some point.

That said, there are elements that really annoyed me about the season premiere, particularly the laugh track, which felt more intrusive and off-putting than on other sitcomes. There were also little music transitions in between scenes, which were far more noticeable and distracting than say the swipes in The Big Bang Theory. Guess it's one of the many unfortunate issues with multi-camera comedies. The script also contained a few obvious jokes, but they were well-balanced with the more original lines. I just hope that the set-up is now out of the way and we'll get to see the girls work together to achieve their goal of starting a cupcake business (which will likely be well past trendy by the time they scrape together enough cash). Seeing Caroline try and fail at different jobs as Max gives her colorful commentary on everyone and everything around her has a certain appeal that makes me willing to tolerate the nagging issues. Pair that with the mostly sharp writing and the immensely talented Dennings and this could be one of the better comedies of the fall. At least Cummings will have this to fall back on when Whitney inevitably (we presume) fails.

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