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TWoP 10: Best New Supporting Characters of the Fall

by Angel Cohn September 30, 2011 6:04 am
TWoP 10: Best New Supporting Characters of the Fall

We're only a few weeks into the fall season, but there are already several supporting characters on the new shows who have already captured our attention. In some cases, we're actually more fascinated by these secondary roles than the leads of their respective shows.

10. The Sixers (Terra Nova)
We may not know most of them by name, but we love this crowd of misfits who are roughing it out in the wild, dinosaur-ridden savage land. They make things exciting by attacking the disconcertingly nice weirdo commune, distracting us from the annoying family the show focues on.

9. Stephen (Free Agents)
The only redeemable thing about this show is that Stephen is doing the wacky boss thing pretty well. It's a clone of things we've seen before, but with Michael Scott out of the picture, we'll take what we can get. Even if it means fast-forwarding through the rest of the show.

8. Missy (Up All Night)
It's hard to stand out when you're appearing opposite Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph, but Jennifer Hall has stolen a number of scenes as Applegate's perpetually nervous assistant on the talk show-within-the show. She's like an overeager puppy that just wants to please and lives in mortal terror of being singled out by Rudolph's crazy Ava. We'd feel the same way, frankly.

7. Schmidt (New Girl)
He's a douchebag (and there's a whole jar filled with money to prove it), but his habit of ripping his shirt off to prove he's macho is endearing in a way. Plus he bears a striking physical resemblance to our favorite deputy from the Neptune Sheriff Department.

6. Machado (Ringer)
He's an FBI agent protecting/stalking Bridget, and he's one of the more mysterious characters this show has. And one of the only ones we're remotely curious to find more out more about.

5. Nolan Ross (Revenge)
He's the only one that knows Emily's true identity and what she's really up to, and so far he's keeping mum and helping her out. He's also an ungodly rich internet millionaire, and we're hoping that his money and his secrets keep him safe. We'd hate for Emily to take her anger out on him.

4. Rita (A Gifted Man)
She's a sassy assistant who keeps Michael in line. And while she may look at him as if he's crazy when he's talking to a ghost, she does her best not to actually call him on his erratic and bizarre behavior. Plus, she's played by recent Emmy winner Margo Martindale, and it's such a different role from Justified that we can't take our eyes off of her just in case she does something totally reprehensible (we've yet to meet Rita's family, after all).

3. Chestnut the Horse (2 Broke Girls)
It makes no sense for them to be keeping a horse in a small Brooklyn backyard. Nor does it make any sense for Caroline to be confused about horse manure if she grew up with horses. But yet, Chestnut makes for some ridiculous types of sight gags on this show that we haven't seen since Marcel the monkey on Friends. And he's well trained, which is more than we can say about some people.

2. Billy Rosen (The Playboy Club)
The bunnies all are starting to develop personalities, but we've found that the most interesting character to be the one who keeps the club running. Without being flashy and smarmy like Nick Dalton, he's carefully juggling egos, dollars and dark dealings. He'll likely be a big power player at some point and a force to be reckoned with (unless the show's cancelled before then).

1. Dallas Royce (Suburgatory)
She's wickedly funny and even has a soft and sensitive side that sneaks out when she's not trying to be a crazy, conniving, plastic-and-pink-obsessed housewife desperate to get her freak on with any single man that moves. For that, we're willing to overlook her odd accent.

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