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The Cancelled 2011-12 TV Shows We'll Miss the Least

We're still shocked that Whitney got renewed, but most of the cancellations this season made sense. While we would have gladly watched another season of A Gifted Man and our moms would have loved more of The Finder, we're having a hard time getting really upset about any of the axings this year (except for maybe Best Friends Forever, which had more potential than Whitney). In fact, there are certain shows we're downright excited to see disappear from the TV schedule. Here's the ones we'll miss the least:

Terra Nova
This big-budget drama never really delivered what it promised. The special effects from the pilot were nearly absent from the rest of the series. It's pointless to have a dinosaur show with hardly any dinosaurs. And some creatures or violence may have made us more willing to overlook the terrible acting and lack of drama.

We wanted to like this show, but as the heir apparent to Desperate Housewives, it really never managed to find its campy place, often veering into sitcom-style comedy. And at an hour long, it was just too much and didn't really work.

Man Up/How to Be a Gentleman/Work It
These three awful and insulting sitcoms were promptly whisked off the air, but they shouldn't have made it there in the first place.

This uninspired Ashley Judd drama about a kidnapping really had no place to go. Either her kid was going to be found or he wasn't. And the final twist in which Judd herself went missing was too little, too late.

Are You There, Chelsea?
The title never made sense, as it was originally Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea. Who is asking Chelsea if she's there? But that was the least of this show's problems. Most of them revolved around the fact that Laura Prepon didn't make a good Chelsea Handler, and Chelsea herself made an even worse big sister.

Much as we were delighted to see our beloved Buffy (a.k.a. Sarah Michelle Gellar) back on TV, this was not the show for her. Originally slated to be a series on CBS, this convoluted drama about twin sisters d had a few good twists and turns, but by midseason we'd pretty much stopped caring.

Desperate Housewives
It's time to call it a day when you've recycled plotlines and jumped ahead in time and still can't come up with anything original.

This show about a modeling pyramid scheme (aka The Network) was probably the worst broadcast reality show we'd watched in a long time. And we watch America's Got Talent.

Secret Circle
Witches and Kevin Williamson? It could have been a perfect match with The Vampire Diaries; instead, it was just more pretty people running around aimlessly, trying to collect crystals. Could there have been a video game version instead?

The River
Kind of a cool journey into the wild that got really weird, really fast. We were trying to book our tickets home long before we got deep into the Boiuna.

More of an ending than a cancellation. But while this once was our favorite procedural on TV, that was a long, long time ago.

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