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Why Peter Capaldi as <i>Doctor Who</i> Is Bloody Brilliant Casting

When I first heard the news over the weekend that Peter Capaldi would be taking the reins as the twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who all I could think was: fuckety fuck, that is bloody fucking inspired casting, you fucks.

Pardon the language, but when it comes to the veteran actor, best known for his foul-mouthed work in Armando Iannucci's (Veep) brilliant The Thick of It and In the Loop (he was most recently seen as – fittingly enough – a W.H.O. doctor in World War Z) and for turning cursing into an art form – it's hard not to channel your inner Malcolm Tucker and rejoice.

"It's so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer, but it's been so fantastic," the 55-year-old Capaldi said during a BBC One show after the announcement was made, and fantastic is exactly right. Now, for any and all Doctor Who fans still mourning Matt Smith's departure as the eleventh Doctor, Capaldi not only has a razor-sharp tongue, but impeccable wit, intensity and timing to boot. So, welcome him into the TARDIS with wide fuckin' arms, won't you?

Here are some clips that should put doubters' minds at ease. But, be warned, unlike the good Doctor, some of them are very, very, VERY NSFW.

From The Thick of It:

From In The Loop:

Just don't call him English, okay?

Someone has already mashed up some of Capaldi's best Malcolm Tucker bits with Doctor Who and, well, it's pretty great.

Now, don't think that Capaldi is only capable of spouting some vicious one-liners. The great Scot can just as equally master drama. Case in point, this gut-wrenching scene from The Hour.

The same goes for when he found himself in a high-stakes situation on Torchwood.




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