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Finally I can sleep at night! The Daily News has reported that after much speculation (mostly by supercilious Williamsburg hipster douches -- whom I count myself among -- and bougie Park Slope moms), the new, Brooklyn-bound cast of The Real World will hunker down in the neighborhood of Downtown Brooklyn. This news makes me both relieved and bummed. On the one hand, I effing hate when TV crews get all up in my business. I've experienced first-hand their disruptive nature, first when I was forced by default to be involved in the short-lived MTV show I'm From Rolling Stone at my previous place of employ, and more recently at my neighborhood watering hole when my attempts to pound Pabst Blue Ribbon in peace were thwarted by the presence of a crew filming the new Michael Cera (swoon) vehicle Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. (Sorry about that run-on sentence; I had a lot of name-dropping to cram in there!) Living in New York, you're automatically subjected to some measure of film crew-related annoyance because, well, people film here. But when it gets in the way of me doing my job, or worse, working on my burgeoning alcohol addiction, it is a problem.

On the other hand, I was sort of looking forward to making a sport out of spotting/stalking/bedding/making fun of/scaring the young, nubile and most assuredly dumb Real Worlders. This is really the only type of "sport" I could ever hope to get excited about, so you can understand my disappointment.

The series' first foray into the outer boroughs might seem like a bold move on the network's part, an attempt to capture the ever-morphing youth culture and to document the blue collar grit of Brooklyn. But trust me, it ain't. For those of you not familiar with New York, DB is about as posh as -- if not posher than -- Soho was back when the show first debuted back in 1992. My theory is that MTV, like everyone else in our fine nation, is feeling the burn of the economic downturn and trying to cut some corners, expense-wise and got a good deal on the real estate. After all, the cast members' living space is reportedly the smallest (in square footage) in the history of the show. What will that mean for the fish tank I wonder? That's what a recession begets y'all. If things don't turn around soon, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Real World: Weehawken in seasons to come. Sexy.




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The Telefile

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