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Someone Should Tell These Girls to Stick with Acting

Upon hearing the news that Hayden Panettiere was putting out a single, the first thought was, oh god not another one. We're wary of Hayden treading down the path that so many have misguidedly gone down before. Hayden's known for her lead role on the hit show Heroes, where she is praised for her acting talent. So why ruin her already strong reputation as an actress, with the debut of a solo CD.

Her new single, "Wake Up Call," will appear in a Candies commercial -- the only place it belongs. With some significant production help, Hayden has managed to string together some uncatchy lyrics, some reggae beats and a bit of a rapping, into what can be considered a train wreck of a song. My advice: Don't let this be the song that you wake up to! Hayden should take a strong look at some of the starlets that have gone down this road before, if she plans on putting out a full CD. Here's a handy cheat sheet for her, in case she needs a refresher.

Heidi Montag: So she might be on the reality TV show, The Hills, but that doesn't mean she isn't acting (since the show is rumored to be scripted). The Hollywood starlet knows how to work the media industry, whether it be to score herself the front cover of US Weekly or to land herself an interview on Larry King. She has recently teamed up with boyfriend, Spencer Pratt (who is also conveniently her manager) to record her first solo CD. She describes her music as a "fun, dance vibe." Her first single "Body Language" features Spencer rapping (Huge red flag!) With enough production help, Heidi's voice has managed to sound nothing like her... and yet, it's still not good.

Paris Hilton: We know she's talentless but she still manages to top every chart. Stripping down into her bra and underwear in the movie House of Wax or starring in her own reality show, does not make her an actress (nor does her sex tape, One Night in Paris). Yet with enough publicity and posing on red carpets, she has managed to make herself a huge name, for no other reason other than her daddy's money. In hopes of being a triple threat, she tried her stakes at singing. I don't believe her first single, "Stars are Blind," stayed on the radio for more than a week (or maybe I just blocked it out of my memory). Of course her music video mirrored her narcissistic tendencies as she danced around a palm tree and rolled around in the sand. At least it made for a good laugh and some serious bashing.

Hillary Duff: We can't knock her too bad. She did control the charts when her CD first came out. Then again she was the Hannah Montana of the Disney channel and her fan base consisted of ten-year-old Lizzie McGuire fans. Breaking away from the Disney limelight, she managed to score herself quite a few older fans as well. Her single, "Come Clean" (which I personally was a fan of) became the theme song for MTV reality show Laguna Beach. Of all the other teen starlets, she made the easiest and most successful transition from actress to singer and has recorded two chart-topping albums.

Lindsay Lohan: So she wasn't a one hit wonder -- but she did max out after two hits. Her song, "Rumors," mirrored her own personal struggles with the paparazzi and entertainment industry. Her raspy voice sounds anything but classy and can't be covered up by the background track. As a much better actress, Lindsay backed away from music after her first CD and returned to movies and rehab. Now younger sister, Ali is taking a stab at the industry on her reality show, Living Lohan and she sounds way better than her sister -- but that's not saying much.




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