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Imagine the Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, choosing her new bachelor with the help of Brad Womack. He's the guy that was about to propose to her, bought a ring, flew out her father and then last minute decided to dump her in front of America. Right, you must remember because he was the guy that stunned just about every Bachelor-loving fan out there (there must still be some, right?), especially DeAnna. And DeAnna talked about the event in every single episode of The Bachelorette. If you can imagine the incredibly awkward scenario of having Brad assist DeAnna in finding another man to fall head-over-heels for, you have just pictured the oddity that is Jo & Slade: Date My Ex.

For all you Real Housewives fans out there (absolutely including myself in this group) you may have been attracted to this show. I'm with you; I wanted to know what happened to the ex-engaged couple. Wasn't he her singing manager? Didn't they live together? Well the duo have moved from the stuffy Orange County to the more playful Los Angeles, Slade's assisting Jo in finding a new man. Weird? To say the least. He claims that he has her best interest at heart, as he stares at her with desire and longing and strokes her face. It's blatantly obvious that he isn't still in love with her because that's totally the way best friends interact.

Either the ex-couple are crazy (a definite possibility) and think this weird scenario will work out or Jo and Slade are desperately seeking a few more minutes of camera time. I'm leaning towards option two, for their sake.




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The Telefile

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