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Ryan Seacrest Is The Frightened Nerd We Always Knew He Was My lovely boss Angel forced asked me to sit in on a conference call with Ryan Seacrest on the eve of his latest reality show offering, Momma's Boys. Doubtless you've already been bombarded by the show's promos but for the uninitiated, it's sort of a dysfunctional spin on the traditional reality dating show -- three guys who are creepily inordinately attached to and reliant on their moms are searching for love amongst the usual mansion-full of good girls, aspiring singers, ex-cons and Penthouse Playmates. The spin is that their moms are along for the ride, helping weed out the gold-diggers and totally c*&k-blocking their sons when they try to get sexay with the aforementioned "ladies" in the hot tub.

Having watched the first ep, I wanted to know if uber-villainous mom Mrs. B or Amish-seeming contestant Megan were potentially getting their own spin-offs (no) and whether Ryan had plans to turn the camera around on himself at any point (no, thank god). But what I gleaned from Seacrest's answers to some other peoples' questions serve to confirm that Seacrest is just a geek living out his fantasy as a successful-enough-to-get-laid personality who's in constant fear of waking up and being an utter failure. I'd almost feel sorry for him if I didn't find him so annoying!

On the basis for the show's premise
For me, I can relate to this [show's] concept because I'm pretty close to my mother. I don't generally take her out on dates but she has snuck into the basement a couple of times, certainly when I was a kid, to see if I was really watching a movie. But, you know, I think that it is important to have an open relationship with, you know, your mother, your father, whoever it is in your life. And I am really close to my mom. And she's part of the decision-making process, whether it be personal or professional. I don't put her in the passenger seat, though, when I'm out with a girl.

On how involved he was in the casting process
I sat in a very dark green room in Burbank until way past my bedtime several nights during the week before we actually started taping. And that was the casting room, sorry. I didn't just sit in that room alone. [Ed's note: Thanks for clarifying, Ry!]

On the type of girl his mom would want him to date
One that was under her spell. One that was under her control. I tend to like girls who are a bit more probably provocative than my mother would approve of. So she would definitely want the one that continues to go to church every Sunday. I might want the one that skips every Sunday.

On what motivates him to keep himself so insanely busy all the damned time
You know, I am fear-driven. I do a lot because I was always afraid that I wouldn't have something to fall back into. And now fortunately, I have a lot of things and a lot of (bowls) in the air, and a lot of things going on at once. But I try my best not to overextend. However, it's not like I'm doing the most difficult work in the world. It's all pretty fun and, you know, meant to be entertaining.




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