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The <I>SNL</I> Premiere, or ‘The New Lady Swore! The New Lady Swore!’ So Jenny Slate said the F-word in her first episode, during a sketch about biker chicks who say "Frickin'" constantly. OK! I can see how that would happen. And the sketch aired at about the 12:40 AM mark of the episode, so I'm pretty sure no truly innocent children were too corrupted by it. NBC will probably be fined, because those are the rules, but clearly, the poor girl won't be fired. Her gaffe alone entered a lackluster premiere heavily into today's news cycle, and besides, I've seen her perform, and she has a lot to offer. I think she'll be alright.

Mediocre as the premiere definitely was, I think Megan Fox actually did a great job with the material, which was largely just jokes centered around how hot she is, which, lordy, how tired must she be of that by now? But she was a good sport, and more capable a performer than I expected her to be. Plus, she looks pretty in many different kinds of wigs! That is versatility!

Case in point, regarding how adorably down for terrible sketches she was: this awful thing, that is awful every time they do it. And I like Kenan.

Anyway, this stupid thing did make me laugh. Word to that "belt choke sex thing" joke:

As did this, solely because Fred Armisen is amazing:

And Hulu doesn't have it, but yay Brian Austin Green as Bumblebee! That was a nice surprise. But overall, yeah, not the strongest episode, which was surprisingly not Megan Fox's fault. Or Jenny Slate's, for that matter. Give all the ladies a break, internet.




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