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Other Reality Stars Who Should Have Apps

Recently, Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's iPhone app became a bestseller in the iTunes store. The app offers buyers a "GTL" finder for gyms, tanning salons and laundromats, a workout routine to get your own situation happening, a video game where you have to dodge grenades and some of Mike's most memorable quotes. The app also allows you to email Sitch himself. With all of those features, it's no wonder so many people are willing to shell out $4.99 of their hard-earned gelato shop cash. In light of this perhaps unexpected success, we have a few suggestions for how other celebrities can similarly expand their brands into the digital realm:

David Hasselhoff
With his app, you'd be able to find local burger places, calculate your blood alcohol level based on weight and the amount of drinks you've had, play all of his songs in German and English and get recommendations for the beaches with the hottest lifeguards.

The Salahis
The app for these Real Housewives of DC socialites would help you find parties to crash in every major city; offer tips to avoid paying all of your bills; a have a game that features virtual wine stomping.

Teen Mom
For all of the teen moms out there, this app will help you find overweight teenage boys in your neighborhood who will impregnate you and never leave you, no matter how frequently you berate and abuse them; have online quizzes at the ready to help you prep for your GED; have an interactive calendar to track your complicated child custody schedule; and a direct e-mail link to DYFS.

Kody Brown
The central figure of Sister Wives should develop an app for all the polygamists out there. It would include: a scheduling app to keep track of the birthdays of hundreds of children and which wife you sleep with on a given night; a polygamist version of to meet new wives for courting; a fun game where you can upload pictures of your kids and then match them with their names; and a virtual yellow pages with listings for polygamy schools, architects and doctors.

Got a hankering for some gorilla juiceheads? Snooki's app will direct you to their natural habitats, like local gyms and watering holes. Also, it includes a word-processing program for all of your note-writing needs, a black light to determine the cleanliness of a communal smoosh room and a video of how to properly eat a pickle.

Tyra Banks
On her quest to world domination, Tyra's app would help model wannabes the world around, from a self-evaluation to determine if you are anorexic or just fashionably skinny to a shopping guide for all your designer jumpsuit needs. Additionally, users could create a virtual wardrobe to figure out what clothes would best work together, set alarm clock reminders for important go-sees and have a GPS to figure out alternate routes if the elevators are just too slow. Naturally, all of these apps would heavily feature the self-important diva in her over-the-top way.

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