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Girls: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

by Rachel Stein February 24, 2013 9:34 pm
<I>Girls</i>: The Good, the Bad and the Funny

I'm not entirely sure I "got" "Video Games," unless the point of it was to make me not want to see Jessa again for a while and like Hannah even more. My colleague Ethan Alter made a very good point that despite its flaws, the episode did add to the expansion of Girls's universe, thanks to the addition of beautiful Upstate New York (and last episode it was Staten Island, the episode before that, an alternate look at her own neighborhood), but beyond that, we're all kind of just waiting for next week.

HBO has been gracious enough to send us a few episodes of Girls every couple of weeks, which means that I'll binge-watch three or four outings and then wait a month to watch a few more, and I've realized that I have no idea how Season 2 has been when watching it as weekly installments. Hopefully you're finding it fluent and even, because from here, the past few episodes have felt disjointed and at times, slapped together. I'd be curious to know.

All right, let's do this:

Hannah killed it in "Video Games." I love that she accidentally immediately invalidated Jessa's reasoning for seeing her dad, pointing out that his mysterious random assortment of numbers and letters was probably a "butt text." Watching her stumble through Jessa and her father's relationship -- "trying to have continuity," if you will -- through all of her friend's twists and turns was hilarious. Because this is still Hannah, she was horribly selfish for most of the journey, making it that much more fun to watch. (And like that time she got to have sex with Patrick Wilson, in this episode, Lena Dunham gets to cuddle really cute bunnies.)

Frank, Jessa's stepbrother, just may be one of my favorite Girls characters of all-time, in no small part thanks to his objection to rabbit eating, but also because of how obviously sad and complex his character is. Yes, Hannah is egocentric, but she does recognize that other people have complicated ideas and problems as well, and Frank -- the guy who lasts eight seconds; whose first time was with a special girl named Rihanna (who is definitely a real person); who everyone thinks is in love with Tyler, but Tyler is in love with him -- helps her think past her UTI and undiagnosed hypoglycemic to understand that. Or, at the very least, will probably inspire a character in her upcoming e-book. We should hope.

I also appreciate that this is HBO and not Full House in the '90s, in that Jessa and Hannah aren't punished for doing Whip-Its and drinking stolen 40s while driving recklessly. Also much appreciated: Hannah calling and thanking her parents for being so wonderful to her, which they at first are touched by, but which quickly enrages them. Easily the best scene in the episode.

I'm not going to beat a dead horse here, but I found the Jessa material alternately too vague and hard to connect with, and too on-the-nose (especially when she was having a difficult conversation with her dad, while swinging on a swing wearing a chunky braid, in the most infantile way possible). I'm glad this show isn't centered around her, and her exit leaves me very curious as to what's going to happen next... especially since we already know Dunham's not going to kill her off.)

No boobs this week, but we did see Hannah's butt at 1:23. As for the lines...

What an Introduction
"Nice to meet you, I'm Hannah. I really like way you fold down your turtle neck."

'70s Penthouse Models
Jessa: "These women should be really proud, because in a way, it's the most noble thing you can do, is to help a boy find his sexuality. Help a boy become a man, you know?"
Hannah: "Probably the most noble. You know, beside from being like a doctor or a firefighter."
(My dad is a doctor and my mom is a firefighter, so admittedly, there's a chance this is only funny to me for that reason.)

Sometimes Hannah Reminds Me of Woody Allen
"Whip-Its are what killed Demi Moore. I'm not gonna. I just don't like using products in a different way than it was intended, okay? That's an area that's hard for me."

Talking With Boys
Hannah: "I am starving 'cause all you have to eat in your house is your pet rabbit and I'm an undiagnosed hypoglycemic. And then we come into this graveyard, and I feel like I'm in freakin' Hocus Pocus and Thora Birch is gonna wear a little hat..."
Jessa: "Do the guys on your team suck each other off?"

The Morning After
Frank: "I wasn't waiting here for you. This where I sit and drink lemonade and just..."
Hannah: "So you're uh, you're waiting for me."
And later: "Okay, first of all, that wasn't sex. You came in my thigh crease."

I Love Becky Ann Baker
"I'm not falling for this crap!"

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