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Girls: Hannah Is the Pits, So Is Getting Older

by Aly Semigran March 17, 2014 11:49 am
<I>Girls</i>: Hannah Is the Pits, So Is Getting Older

For a series that's geared towards Millennials, the Greatest Generation has been stealing the show this season. First there was Hannah's grandmother Flo (June Squibb) who we, sadly, only got to know for one episode, and last night we were introduced to Beadie (Louise Lasser), Jessa's new boss who, hopefully, we know for a little bit longer. (Don't screw this up, Jessa). Hannah's self-indulgent, bratty, and downright career-killing meltdown at GQ wouldn't resonate with anyone who wasn't just as self-indulgent, bratty, or looking to make sure they have a terrible reputation in their industry. However, Beadie's honest and heartbreaking one-liner "It just hurts to be a shell" may have been the most profound thing that's ever been uttered on Girls. Beadie may not agree that getting older is a good thing, but at least they have the wisdom that these girls so desperately lack at this time in their lives.

Last night's episode "I Saw You" started with a familiar scene: Adam and Hannah having sex. Only, it was more like Season 1 sex where they are communicating with each other poorly, Adam has the upper hand in the relationship, and Hannah is "chasing" him. Time is a flat circle. After having sex, Adam takes off to go practice his vocal exercises at Ray's, which is where he's staying. Adam swears it's "not always going to be like this," but Hannah isn't convinced. She's so unconvinced that she shows up to Ray's place to find Adam (she lies that she was just in the neighborhood and then gives a song and dance about her fear that Ray wouldn't have Adam's usual breakfast of one and a half bananas), which only makes matters worse. Rather than talk it out with her (the ACTOR must be in his head space), he tells her to relax and that someday when she has something important, she'll understand why he's doing this (yikes) and then brings her home in a cab. I know that Girls has turned Adam into this perfect person, but I still have a hard time buying it. Adam was a socially inept weirdo and now he's a gentleman who hails cabs and takes his job very seriously? There's just no traces of the Adam we met a few years ago. No wonder Hannah is so freaked out.

Of course, none of this excuses Hannah's behavior outside of her relationship with Adam. Hannah tries to get a proper interview out of Patti LuPone, but that turns out to be a disaster when she brings Elijah along (Andrew Rannells continues to be the funniest person on this show and the only person with whom Hannah is fun to watch) and it turns into a dinner with conversation that has nothing to do with bone density. Instead, while Elijah is in heaven hanging out with "fucking Corky's mom", Hannah is in hell when she meets Patti's (fictitious) husband, a sad-sack pushover who gave up his passion for writing so that his wife could take center stage. "Mr. LuPone" is a pining, second wheel, while his partner is the star who is sick of looking at him after all these years. (The parallel of the relationships was a little too on the nose for me, I gotta say.)

This all sends Hannah into a tailspin. During a brainstorming meeting at work, Hannah interrupts to get on her high horse about what they're all doing with their lives at their job. (Oh, you know Hannah, just trying to make a living and be adults, that's all.) She calls it the "biggest squanderization of talent" and then proceeds to take down each one of her coworkers for not being a "truly authentic person" like herself. "I expect more from life," she whines, "I want every day to be a roller coaster of artistic experiences." Hannah gets her wish for a more exciting life and promptly gets fired, but not without sending off one final shot at nice guy Joe: "Does it make you feel good to have a chubby girl paying attention to you?" On behalf of viewers and everyone in GQ, just get the fuck out, Hannah.

Hannah continues her tantrum all the way to drinks with Ray and his cast when she declares, in a dead-eyed, monotone fashion, "I got fired from my job today." But it's not Hannah making conversation (she makes it very obvious she doesn't like these people), it's Hannah wanting Adam's attention back on her. Hannah wants everyone to be fixated on her, but she would never give anyone but Adam that courtesy. Case in point, when they get back to Ray's apartment (where Adam says he hasn't picked a set move-out time yet, and based on his declaration in the episode that he loves it there, I'm gonna say it's not anytime soon) Hannah complains that "Ray's a dick and it's about time y'all acknowledged it." Not really, though. Especially not to Hannah, considering Ray gave her a job. When Hannah hears a girl moaning from Ray's bedroom Hannah creeps towards the door because, as she tells Adam, "Everything is my business." Yeah, Ray is the dick here, Hannah. Anyway, Hannah barges in to find Ray and Marnie having sex ("He made me do it!" Marnie cried in a lame attempt to save face) and declared to them, "You will never judge me again." After a few hopeful weeks, it looks like Hannah is back to her old sociopathic ways.

But let's rewind a bit, because Ray and Marnie (a hook-up I still don't buy) are having sex again. Things seemed to be looking up for Marnie at work when she met Beadie. Beadie, a wheelchair bound photographer, seemed to take a liking to Marnie, partially because Soo-Jin is clueless, and also because she obviously sees something in her she likes. (She opens up to Marnie about how "Now I'm old and no one ever looks at me.") Making Marnie even more fulfilled is her musical partnership with Desi. The two are writing songs together and Desi is encouraging her to be more shy and natural. (In a cringe-worthy moment Desi brings up her dreadful YouTube video and once again Marnie lamely tries to lie on the spot by saying "That was not me.")

Of course, because this is Girls, Marnie's happiness lasts about thirty seconds. At work, Jessa barges in, meets Beadie, and inexplicably gets a job as doing her archival work. "You're not a junkie thief are you?" Beadie asks the junkie thief, but Jessa -- who mere moments earlier was dancing around Shoshanna's apartment on a cocktail of god knows what and boredom -- assures her "not anymore." Marnie looks on horrified, and rightfully so. It only gets worse at her performance with Desi. Not because it was stiff and desperate, as Elijah would call it. In fact, quite the opposite. Marnie gives an incredible performance because she's so obviously head over heels for Desi, even after he reminded her he has a girlfriend. While Marnie is coming out of her shell, meeting Desi's girlfriend Clementine (Natalie Morales) proves to be too much for her, comes up with another god awful lie ("I'm tutoring a homeless kid in the morning") to get away from them, and winds up at Ray's.

Earlier in the episode Ray told Adam, without specifics, that he broke things up with a girl because "something didn't feel right" and he didn't "want to compromise. If the situation isn't perfect, I'm not gonna settle." Of course, that goes right out the window when Allison Williams shows up at your door to get naked, but that speech was more to plant the seeds in Adam's head that his want for space away from Hannah doesn't need to be validated. Don't be surprised if Adam moves into Ray's place permanently come next week, especially if Hannah continues to further unravel because, as Shoshanna (who was barely a blip in this episode) put it, Adam and Marnie are becoming the artists in the group and she's not. She's right, too, so don't quit your day job, kid. Oh, wait.




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