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Brenda Walsh Is Back and Byte Sized

by Angel Cohn July 30, 2008 1:48 pm
Brenda Walsh Is Back and Byte Sized

I'm usually not one to get excited about special edition iPods, unless they are a really amazing color and then I'm tempted, but then I remember that I end up buying them and they are obsolete like a year later so don't spend my money on one that may still be cool and of my favorite band or whatever just to have it fall by the wayside when they invent a 160G one that holds entire libraries of CDs and all my videos and does my laundry too.

With that in mind, I'm still kind of tempted to get this Beverly Hills, 90210 Nano. At first I thought this was just a cheap ploy to get me to watch the new 90210 but when I saw it was old school 90210 I got excited. They are a bit more costly than your everyday ordinary iPods, but do your every day ordinary iPods have Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay on them? I think not. Plus, you can get it engraved with things, which is nice if you wanted to give it as a gift. Like, "To the second biggest bitch ever" or "Peach Pit Forever" or something along those lines.

Apparently there are also like CSI ones (NY, Miami and original recipe) or whatever (I'm sure those will be real popular considering the only person I know who regularly watches all of those shows is my mom and I still haven't been explain to her how to put songs on the iPod Shuffle that I gave her). Also there are Survivor ones... which really comes about six years too late. If CBS is really going to do this for one of their big shows, I may have to hold out for a How I Met Your MotheriPod that features Barney, is lemon yellow ('cause of the lemon law) and says "Legen -- wait for it -- dary." I'd shell out the money for that in a heartbeat and treasure it long after it became outmoded.




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