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Today the first Heroes Webisode premiered on NBC's website, and it's about a mailman. Excited yet? Well, what if I told you that this mailman could yell really loud -- so loud that dogs don't want to mess with him and shadowy government organizations do want to mess with him? And that said organization dispatches some sort of snake man, who looks like the Conundrum from The X-Files if he had all of his tattoos removed, along with most of his skin's pigmentation? Now you're interested.

While the title, "Going Postal," may have actually required a negative amount of thought to come up with, the 3-minute episode is pretty entertaining, if only because there's a lot of bleeding from the ears going on. One could even argue that it's more entertaining than vast segments of Season 2, although perhaps not as entertaining as the online Web comics. Sadly, the episode cuts off before the mailman goes home to his lingerie-model wife and before Ma Petrelli shows up to tell him to stop screaming all the time, both of which are seen in the trailer below.

Excited yet? Click here to see the full, 3-minute episode.




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The Telefile

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