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For Real? A Reality Show About A Reality Show?

by Lauren Gitlin June 20, 2008 12:42 pm
For Real? A Reality Show About A Reality Show? Have you guys heard? The D-List is the new A-List. Just ask EMMY WINNER Kathy Griffin. Or better yet, ask the fools producing a new Fox reality show called Gimme My Reality Show! in which, um, reality-show D-listers (which in the real world makes them Q-Listers) compete to, um, star in a reality show. It's so meta my head just exploded. A few of the peeps on board thus far are Santino Rice, he of Project Runway Season Two fame and Traci Bingham of Baywatch, which is apparently a reality show (?) now. A panel of judges made up of reality show producers and reality show A-Listers (H-listers in actual fact) will judge contestants on their ability to like, throw a hissy fit and alienate their castmates, presumably. Clearly Santino would make for a killer reality show star. I mean CLEARLY. The man has more fierce bitchy queen shenanigoats stored in his pinky than Traci has in BOTH of her silicon boobs. And I can't imagine anyone else who could even come close to his diva-tude. OR CAN I?

Coral from The Real World -- Her ginormous boobs are where she stores her haterade. She can tear a bitch up physically and verbally. And she's a lezzie. Everyone knows the gays are de facto drama queens. Hee hee! Queens! Get it? Drama Richter Rating: 8.5

Oscar from Step It Up and Dance -- He has a chulo Mullet and can dance anyone under the effing table. And he is FABULOUSLY EFFETE! DRR: 6

Jennavicia from The Bad Girls Club -- The clear favorite amongst the gaggle of Bad Girls was Tanisha. Even with her incessant "popping off," she won the sympathy vote after Jennavicia put hot sauce in her juice. Jennavicia (the name alone is drama) is not afraid to fight dirty, and of all the girls in the house, she seemed the least rehabilitated when all was said and done. DRR: 9

Lisa from Top Chef -- Universally reviled, nicknamed The Gorgon. Her unpleasantness, cat-anus pout and greasy hair could irk the likes of the Dalai Lama. Plus she has knife skills.DRR: 7

Dustin Diamond from Celebrity Fit Club -- Despite the fact that Dustin Diamond starred in a fairly successful early Nineties show, followed by a highly circulated (I have to hope just for the ick factor) sex tape and season five of Celebrity Fit Club, I consider him about as D-List (ie H-List) as you can get. Not to mention whiny, self-righteous and litigious. He'll threaten you with a lawsuit if you look at him sideways. DRR: 7.5




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