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The Seinfeldian Ethos of The Hills Season 4

by Lauren Gitlin July 22, 2008 3:46 pm
The Seinfeldian Ethos of The Hills Season 4

Yes, if you were into taking all the joy out of everything, it'd be pretty easy to spoil all of the (non)action that takes place on the upcoming season of The Hills merely by paying marginal attention to the tabloids. Because god knows not a week goes by that we aren't informed of Speidi's latest exploits or LC's latest frenemy. The truth is that this is a show on which nothing much really ever happens. But that's why the show so successfully captures the zeitgeist: the beauty lies not in the substance of what happens or doesn't happen, but in the style in which the nothing-happening is couched.

Despite the fact that there's still nothing happening, the trailer for season four [via Jezebel] made me real stoked for the following reasons:

Whitney's goofy faces
The increased presence of PR bitch par excellence Kelly Cutrone
Evidence that Audrina has a personality, via her attempt to lay the smack down on annoying-ass-Lo
Spencer's pube-like facial hair
She-Pratt calling Brody "Stupid Face" Jenner out on being a douche
LC's emo tears

If you ask me, that's more than enough to sustain a 28-episode story arc. The premiere airs August 18th at 10 PM on MTV.




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