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No Dr. Will? What Kind of <I>Big Brother</I> House Party Is This?

So as Julie announced on last night's episode of Big Brother, one houseguest from each and every season will be returning on Sunday's episode to participate in a competition. That's kind of cool. Immediately visions of Dr. Will and Evel Dick and Janelle popped into my head like a little group of twisted sugar plum fairies. I got one out of three at least. Ms. Janey Doll will be on hand for the festivities (which involve some sort of current events game) but really all this exercise is going to do is make me mad that they didn't get the best possible people to come back.

Here's who's invited to this shindig (or who was available). From Season 1 there's Chicken George. This is no surprise. Not one other person from that season is at all memorable in any way. From Season 2... it's Bunky. Ugh. No Dr. Will? So wrong. So very wrong. Amy Crews (now Ouellette) is from Season 3 -- was Marcellas too busy? Season 4 winner Jun Song will be there. Whoop dee doo... she won't make fun of Michelle's accent like Allison would. From Season 5 it's ... Jase. (This should be said in my very best Cat Deeley voice.) Whatever. As long as it isn't Holly or those twin girls. Nakomis would have been more entertaining, but she probably couldn't decide on a hair color for the event. Season 6 is Janelle. No complaints there. The only acceptable alternates would have been Jedi Howie or Kaysar. Mmm... Kaysar. Season 7 (aka All-Stars) is Mike "Boogie." I guess since he won it is OK, but without the evil Dr. Will guiding his way he's just a big ol' dope. Season 8 should have been Evel Dick or America's Player Eric but it isn't. It's Jen. Maybe she'll give Michelle some advice on how to work the unitard to her advantage. Season 9 was so annoying that I don't really care that it is Matt. They could have left that season out and I wouldn't care. Stupid winter and writers strike. Back from earlier this season is Brian. He had so much potential. Sigh.

So that's the "dream team" that's been compiled for this event. I would have said that it could be the best thing about this season, but after the big fight the other night, I'm actually thinking that this hot mess of a cast has more crazy left in 'em.




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