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Hysterical Blindness

by Lauren Gitlin December 11, 2008 11:43 am
Hysterical Blindness We've barely buried the most recent season of Dancing With the Stars and already the rumor mill is churning out possible contestants for the next season. The nerve! Have some respect for Brooke Burke and her glorious gams, show!

Anywizzle, some desperate gossipmongers got Stevie Wonder to cop to the possibility that he'd join the show, making him the first blind dude ever to dance anywhere! Or something. Real talk, this would deffies be a mutually beneficial pairing: Wonder's career lately seems to have extended mostly to showing up on the odd music award show and performing thirty-year old hits while everyone kisses his ass, so this would for sure thrust him into the spotlight in a more relevant way. And DWTS loooooves it some gimmicky underdog shiz, what with Heather Mills and Cloris Leachman. Ratings gold.

But Wonder assured the nosy-ass reporter that head-weaving isn't the only dancing trick he brings to the table. "I have seven children, I've gotta be able to dance, right." Aaaaaaand I just barfed. Happy morning! Just for making me think of you naked, no protective helmet during rehearsals for you, Stevie Wonder!

Do you DWTS fanatics approve of this possible casting? Who else from the Wild, Wonderful World of Has-Beens and D-Listers would you like to see on the upcoming season? Shout it out, fools!




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