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A Late Night with Barack Obama

by Zach Oat March 20, 2009 9:51 am
A Late Night with Barack Obama

Is it wrong of me to want a witty president? I would have liked Bush a lot better if he was witty. Heck, even though he wasn't witty, I would have tuned in to The Tonight Show to watch him attempt to banter with Jay Leno. (...Okay, maybe not Leno. But Conan O'Brien? Or Craig Ferguson? Absolutely.) So why has no seated president ever appeared on The Tonight Show before now? It seems like a much better way to boost your ratings than by pre-empting everyone's favorite TV shows with some boring old speech. Plus, I don't think I remember a State of the Union address where the President made an American Idol reference (at the 2:15 mark). Obama gets a bunch of laughs -- more than Leno does, usually -- with routines on the overprotective Secret Service (1:19), whether people let him win at basketball (21:45), and his beginner's bowling score, which he calls "Special Olympics" (20:51). Hope that one doesn't come back to bite him on the ass. (Too late!) Check out the clip below.

What did you think of Obama's appearance? Should he make the late-night rounds? Cast your vote below.




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