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<I>RuPaul’s Drag Race</i>: Four Reasons Why the Reunion was Disappointing

First of all, we're thrilled that our dark horse Sharon Needles took the crown last night on RuPaul's Drag Race's reunion special. Though her victory means that darling Chad Michaels didn't win, it also means that Phi Phi O'Hara was a loser -- and we'll take that, for sure. Drag Race and Untucked have done an excellent job this season of creating the three finalists as the past, present and future of drag. We were also happy to see Latrice Royale take her much-deserved Miss Congeniality award, as we converted of the Church of Jesus Is a Biscuit after her amazing pregnancy Lip Sync for Your Life to "Natural Woman." With the exception of last night's finale, this was one of the best seasons of reality TV we've seen all year... but the travesties of last night cannot be ignored. Here are our biggest complaints:

We Had to Wait to Find Out the Winner
It was bad enough that Ru postponed the crowning for an entire week -- we already yelled at her for that -- but holding off the big announcement until the last few minutes was a really poor choice. Had Drag Race taken a note from Survivor and announced Sharon as the winner early on, we could have heard the other contestants' reactions to the news, which we're sure would have been ripe with cattiness. Instead, it felt rushed and underwhelming -- though Chad Michaels was supremely classy the whole time, and we learned the amazing lesson from Sharon that if anyone ever boos you off stage, it's simply applause from ghosts.

Low Production Quality
Look, we get that Logo doesn't have the highest budget in cable, but besides the fantastic fashion in the audience and on a few of the queens, the reunion felt completely phoned-in. Segments were rushed (especially The Library), Ru's "I'm not here!" fake-out was stupid and there was no glamour whatsoever. You would think the network would be wise enough to cash in on the series and give us a two-hour reunion, or something. Bravo's Housewives reunions are broken into three-hour chunks sometimes, and those ladies are significantly less entertaining.

What Willam Did
After lots of theorizing and tons of drama, it was finally revealed that Willam got kicked off the show because she told her partner what was up, and they had sex in her hotel room a few times? Like, really? Even she seemed underwhelmed by the story.

Milan Didn't Wig Out
On the same note, we were bummed that Milan didn't rip off her wig, mostly because the joke was so drawn out that it made Ru look like a total mean girl. Instead of wasting time with that segment, if the producers really understood what we wanted from the reunion, we would have had way more Latrice and far less Kenya Michaels (though Charo was adorable). Here's hoping Logo ups the budget a bit next year.

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