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<I>Happy Endings</I>: Ordinary/Extraordinary Character Assessments

Like I mentioned the other day, I'm pretty sure this double whammy of episodes is a plan to kill this show dead. That's a really sad thought. It bums me out so much that I have a hard time watching this show now. It's sort of like Community that way. Dreading its demise makes me depressed and that makes it harder to just sit back and enjoy the laughs of "Ordinary Extraordinary Love" and watching Max try and find his specific gay community. Maybe I'm just in a weird place. Anyway, this episode was stronger than the one that aired on Sunday, but still felt a little off. A lot of good zingers, but not an episode that will stick out in my brain as one that was really laugh-out-loud funny. That said, I may be inclined to put that infectiously poppy song on my iPod if it is available.

She spots pop singer Winnie McCrae in Alex's shop and decides to use her PR talents to exploit the fame to promote Xela dresses. Her singing pop songs was, well, what we expect from Penny and there was a great Penny blow to the head, but it was a little to schticky, again.

Her Best Lines:
- "I can spin this, which is why everyone at work calls me the old spinster."
- "Wait, I'm starting to question these loving nicknames."
- "You shouldn't, we're garbage."
- "I actually wrote a similar song once, some might say better: 'Give a Penny, Take a Penny.'"
- "I hit my big head again. My big head is so big."

Was a pawn in Penny's scheme, but was actually funnier. Loved her not understanding when it was appropriate to take promotional pictures, her getting that Penny's co-workers think she's desperate way before Penny and her love of terrible music.

Her Best Lines:
- "It's like, I'm Brad and I'm basically a woman. I've got an inverted wiener and my boobs squirt milk. Post-gender."
- "You used butter and then didn't have enough butter to make croissants and then screamed into a brown bag."
- "Honestly, I haven't been too into music since Smashmouth left the game."
- "I just have one of those faces that says where are you eating, because my mouth is on my face and that's what my mouth is saying."
- "Usually re-branding doesn't work, look at KFC. I'm sorry guys, but you are always going to be Kitchen Fresh Chicken to me."

Trying to find out which gay group he belongs to, so he goes out with Jane and her gay friend Derrick to a variety of specialized gatherings, including, but not limited to: ostriches, ginger snaps, chameleons, lobsters, Broadway queens, sitcom gays, beers and bulls. Finally settling on his own group, of optimistic red velvet walruses.

His Best Lines:
"So what your saying is become a delivery man myself, go to their homes, get paid to have sex and eat free food? Jane you beautiful broomstick, I love it. But here's the rub with that, that basically makes me a prostitute, which means I'm going to fall in love with the game and there's no way my pizzeria manager/pimp is going to let me out of the game. I mean, I'm his top earner. Jane, you dumb lamppost, your plan is garbage."
- "I'm straight now. From this moment forward it's going to be a steady diet of boobs and dudes. Dammit."
- "My favorite thing to touch... is the penis."
- "I am too a twink... a guy who eats a lot of Twinkies."
- "I know what you're doing. You're gay Yoda-ing me. Wait, is that redundant?"
- "I'm too hairy to be a seal, I'm too seal to be a hairy, so I'm just going to shave down for a power seal night at club Tush."
- "I guess no one will ever love me. Now I know how webisodes feel."
- "It's the closest shave you can get, from a yogurt."

Like her trying to help Max, along with the sarcastic and biting humor of Derrick. It was actually nice and allowed Brad to work out his issues without her hovering over him. And shout out to Derrick for his all-out love of Brad. Now we know what he and Jane have in common.

Her Best Lines:
- "Let me guess the name of the club, this is so fun: Manhole, Backdoor, Club Tush, Dreamballs. Club Tush again. Is it Club Tush?"
- "According to my math you are 10 percent panther, 15 percent wolf, zero percent twink and 40 percent body fat."
- "Seriously, did you power wash this place with farts?"

Dave and Brad decide to prove they are men, by fixing a dimmer switch at Brad and Jane's apartment. This devolves into the Man-Am games, which involved an actual pissing contest and I'm thrilled we didn't have to see it. Mostly dumb filler in this C-plot.

His Best Lines:
- "You women would not know a real man unless he came up and slapped you in the face. I meant that in a figure of speech kind of way, not in a domestic violence kind of way."
- "Is Val Kilmer my spirit animal?"
- "Can't live with circuit breakers, can't live without them."
- "I am a scruffy power bottom, because I have a goatee and do a lot of glute exercises."

It was weird that he was upset about being emasculated by Jane, when we dealt with this a few episodes ago when he was thrilled to be a trophy wife. Still liked his giant man purse. You just never know when you are going to need an extra pair of dancing socks. Oh and when he said he was deadlifting, he actually was doing presses and not anything remotely looking like a deadlift. It's a small thing, but buff gym loving Brad should know the difference.

His Best Lines:
- "My baby can sell snow to an Eskimo, and by snow I mean cocaine. And Eskimos don't traditionally have a lot of disposable income, so it's a pretty impressive sales speech if you really think about it."
- "How are we the first people to think of making stud finder jokes?"

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