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<i>The Office</i>: Andy & Angela Open Up

Of the two relationships currently entering crisis territory on The Office, only one threatens to be a real barn-burner... literally. Andy and Angela's impending nuptials at Schrute Farm may end in fire if Andy ever finds out about Angela's relationship with Dwight, so we talked to Ed Helms and Angela Kinsey, who play the not-so-happy couple, about what's going through their heads, and the heads of their characters.

On their characters' mutual attraction:

Ed Helms: You know, the hard part that I have is justifying Andy's affection for Angela. My dad asked me recently, "Why are you with that woman?" And it's a very valid question. But I think that there's just this unflappable optimism, and if there's one thing that's really great about Andy, it's that he's so decisive, and once he decides it's what he wants, he's just in it, and he throws his whole heart into it. And I think that's just what's happened in this relationship with Angela. It's like, "This my life partner, and this is going to work, goddammit."

Angela Kinsey: There's part of Angela Martin that kind of wants to do what society would think would be appropriate, and I think Andy seems very sort of appropriate. She could bring Andy to church. I don't know if she could bring Dwight to church. He might show up with like some squirrel pelts to give people. It's a little off-putting, you know. And I think Andy, on paper, is what she thought she wanted. And I think she has this kind of crazy chemistry with Dwight that she doesn't understand. It doesn't fit into her plan for her life, and that's sort of the thing she goes back and forth with. Andy has this enthusiasm, and he wants to plan this perfect wedding, and he's so accommodating to all her needs. And Dwight is more in her face and challenges her, and they fight more. But maybe she's more exhilarated by that.

On where their characters should go, literally:

Ed Helms: It might be fun to see Andy get a job at NASA and become the first space tourist, to bring Angela into outer space as a space wife.

On what's going through Angela's head right now:

Angela Kinsey: Jen Celotta, one of our writers, said it best. Jen was like, "I think Angela is in this situation that sometimes people get in where they say yes to something, and this snowball effect starts to happen, and they weren't really prepared. And they don't know how to handle it, and then they just go through it with blinders on to the very end." That made sense to me, and I think that's kind of how Angela is. She doesn't want to pick, or decide, or choose, and it's all going to be fine. And I think her family is pretty disturbing. I mean she doesn't speak to her sister. We find out that she was in, like, little girl pageants.

On Andy's berzerker rages:

Ed Helms: I think that Andy's anger issues are still very much there. I'm not sure anyone who has a real problem with that ever fully gets past it. But he's really learned a lot of coping mechanisms, and I have this image in my head. You know how you can buy, like, a little inflatable gremlin or something, and you can beat it up and take your anger out on this thing? Andy has one of those at home. But for some reason, I like the idea that Andy beats up this little inflatable doll so much that he's actually damaging things around his house. Like, he swings it around his room, and it's not working because he's still damaging things around him.

On potential new nicknames:

Ed Helms: Someone recently reminded me that -- and this was just in improvisation during a shoot -- but I had called BJ's character, Ryan, "Big Turkey" one day. Because, you know, "Big Tuna" came from Jim bringing in a tuna sandwich, so the theory being that one day BJ brought in a turkey sandwich, and he's "Big Turkey" now. But I actually am quite a nicknamer in real life, too. So there's always something brewing.

On Andy's favorite Officemate:

Ed Helms: I think that Andy has a kind of bro crush on Jim. You know, that's why he kind of tries to be like him. But he also doesn't want to be too kiss-ass, so he's also kind of a jerk sometimes, just to make sure Jim knows that Andy is like his own man. But it's all part of a broader attempt to just impress him -- you know, all Andy wants is for Jim to kind of take him under his wing. But I think separate from that, there's a very shrewd part of Andy that really wants to get in Michael's good graces, obviously. So he has kind of a corporate crush on Michael, if you will.

On their favorite in-character moments:

Ed Helms: Going back a couple of seasons, I just loved punching a hole in that wall. When Andy's world just crumbled around him, and all of his very shrewd efforts to suck up to everyone suddenly implode and the "Rockin' Robin" music is no longer enjoyable, it's like this full-on meltdown. There's nothing more fun as an actor than to just completely melt down.

Angela Kinsey: That's so true, because I was going to say my favorite episodes for my character are always the Christmas episodes. But if you look back, in every Christmas episode my character has a total breakdown. Like, she's screaming and smashing ornaments or, you know, full of anger. Those are my favorite.




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