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A Conversation with The Whitest Kids U'Know

Once upon a time, in the golden age of sketch comedy, there were a dozen sketch shows on the air at a given time. Since then, the field has been whittled down to a precious few, until for a while it was just Saturday Night Live battling an ailing Mad TV. But there has been a new power rising in the East. A dark power, made up of equal parts Kids in the Hall, The Vacant Lot and Exit 57, fueled by the power of feces and prone to having sex with animals. They're The Whitest Kids U'Know, and their third season of uncensored sketch comedy begins tonight on IFC. We talked to them about why Hitler is an inspiration, why dinosaurs are awesome and why this season was almost called "Season Drugs."

TWOP: Your "Hitler Rap" video has over three million views on YouTube, and now Hitler's back for the first episode of Season 3. Is Hitler the funniest character ever?

Timmy: He's great material, you know?

Darren: I don't even know if it's anything about the first Hitler sketch. We had another good idea for him, so we're like, "Here we go, let's do another Hitler sketch." It's that simple. He's great. ...I mean, for comedy. For comedy.

Sam: Because there's no one more serious than Hitler. So to make Hitler do wacky stuff is hilarious.

Do you feel like being on "uncut" IFC, you have to take your sketches to places other sketch shows dare not go?

Sam: I feel like when we first came to IFC, we were really excited to explore this uncensored environment. I had my balls on TV. We had Darren dressed up like a naked stripper. And we kinda got that out of our system, and this season we were like, "Let's just make it as funny as we can." And then we still ended up with a ton of bestiality sketches and stuff like that. They just came to us naturally.

Darren: We basically figured out through writing Season 3 that we all think incorrectly.

Timmy: Like, Sam mentioned bestiality, and we all agree that that isthe funniest subject.

Sam: The only thing more serious than Hitler is bestiality.

Have you done a Hitler bestiality sketch yet?

Timmy: Maybe for Season Four!

You diss Mad TV and SNL on your site for being too tame. Are there any sketch shows you admire for their daringness?

Darren: I love Tim and Eric. Human Giant's great. I mean, I like all sketch, it's just that they're different shows.

Sam: As far as being comedy fans, our tastes come from all over, and I think that's what brings a lot to the show, is that we all come in with our spin on it.

Timmy: I've often said that I'm inspired comedically by the Muppets. We all like a lot of different things, and I just wish we had more felt characters.

It's IFC, there's nothing stopping you.

Timmy: You're right, it is uncensored. So I should write a puppet sketch. But maybe we'll have one of them fucking a horse.

Sam: Or a horse Muppet.

What are you guys watching on TV now? I've noticed you don't do a lot of TV parody.

Timmy: I watch a little independent TV show called Lost. That's really the only thing. It's like an art show.

Sam: I am such a huge fan of Mad Men I'm honored that it's even within the same parent company as us. I think TV right now is really great. We're in sort of a Renaissance of television, and we're still doing our poop stuff. Still bringing that lowbrow.

Is there a sketch you've written where maybe you thought you crossed the line?

Sam: There's a sketch that I was the only one against, and everyone else loved it, and it was "Dogs Love Boobs." And girls don't like that one, either.

Darren: You don't like that sketch? Are you crazy?

Timmy: It's like two seconds of a dog licking naked breasts.

Darren: And it goes, "Dogs! Love! Boobs!" And then that sketch is over. I love it.

Anything you've ever gotten negative backlash from?

Darren: I think whenever we've tackled homophobia, some people misread us as being homophobic, rather than making fun of homophobia, which is what we're actually doing. I think that happens pretty often. Same thing with racism, like the sketch we did in Season 1, "Dear Black People," where we're making fun of white fear, and people think we're just being racist. Sometimes things get misread, but that's gonna happen.

Sam: I was in Mexico, and I met a guy from Harlem, and I mentioned that I was in the Whitest Kids, and he was like "Whitest Kids? You guys are on TV and stuff! That's so cool!" And then he was like "What sketch did I see you in? Oh, yeah, 'Dear Black People.' That was messed up, man." No! It's about white fear!

Who is it that likes dinosaurs in the group? Is it all of you, or is there one guy writing all the dinosaur sketches?

All: All of us.

Timmy: I've got a dinosaur tattoo. [Shows dinosaur in spaceship on arm.] Drawn by Trevor, who also loves dinosaurs. We all love dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are awesome.

Sam: We all come from the Jurassic Park Generation, and I think that should be the official name for our generation.

Timmy: Who did we pitch that to?

Sam: Time magazine.

Timmy: It's funny to think about dinosaurs, because they're dumb, and they're these big monsters. It's funny how awesome they are.

Sam: You go into school, and you're in science class, and all of a sudden they're like, "Oh, yeah, did we mention that monsters were real? Like a million years ago, there were monsters."

Darren: "And there's this one movie that's filled with these monsters..."

Timmy: "...fighting British people!" And you're like, "Awesome!"

Aside from dinosaurs, do you find yourself exploring certain themes over the course of a season?

Darren: It's not intentional, but I think sometimes it comes out. I think Season 1 was more "white fear" than any other season. I think Season 2 was more about homophobia --

Timmy: And bad relationships. There's a lot of sketches in Season 2 that are terrible families, like bad dads and bad moms.

Darren: When we started Season 3, we had the idea that we weren't going to call it Season 3, we were going to call it Season Drugs, and it was going to be just fucking crazy. Super-crazy fast and just insane. And I loved that idea, but we just don't work that way.

Timmy: I think this season is our craziest though, so maybe we'll just call it Season Crazy. There are some sketches that are trippy, but there's a lot of craziness. If I had to pick a Season 3 theme off the top of my head, it would be that we're pointing at the world and saying that everything is really crazy. The world is silly.

What's your writing process like?

Darren: Mostly what we do is we all sit around, and we all pitch out ideas for sketches, kinda one-sentence pitches for ideas. Then we take four or five that we really like, and we sit down and write them out together.

Timmy: Trevor likes to pitch history sketches. Sam pitches a lot of "dumb guy" stuff. Whenever I pitch something, I have a lot of food ideas. One that I always wanted to do that we're never gonna do is a guy unwrapping a present, and he has a ton of presents, but they all end up just being individual slices of pizza.

Now, your partners Zach and Trevor wrote, directed and star in this upcoming movie Miss March, and I've seen your "audition tapes" online --

Timmy: Those are real.

Tell me that they at least gave you cameos in this thing.

Darren: This is something that Trevor and Zach wanted to go do, and we've all seen a rough cut of it, and it's hilarious. We urge everyone to go see it. It's amazing.

Is the movie thing something you guys would like to explore as a group?

Timmy: Yeah, we would love to make a couple Whitest Kids movies. We have ideas, we've written scripts and stuff. We've often said that Monty Python had a pretty good business model, where they made a TV show for a while, then they started making movies, coming back together every few years. They'd go off to do their own thing, then go back to make another movie, and I think that'd be great. Because we have a lot of fun doing this, and we still have a lot of ideas.

Sam: And that is honestly why we don't make cameos in Zach and Trevor's movie, because we want to wait until we have that right Whitest Kids movie.

Darren: Something that we all worked together on, and something that's a true Whitest Kids movie

Timmy: A white movie.

Darren: A very white movie.

Hitler sounds like the way to go for that one.

Darren: He'll probably be in it. Hitler and dinosaurs will definitely be in it. And people loving animals, apparently.

The Whitest Kids U'Know Season 3 premieres tonight on IFC, and airs every Tuesday at 10:00. And you can see the Whitest Kids live on tour in 30 cities from February 2nd to March 13. Visit for the schedule! And please make friends with Timmy on MySpace.




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