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Oh By Gosh, By Golly, It’s Time for Janice D. and Holly (to Talk <i>I’m a Celebrity</i>)

Last Thursday, we saw the elimination of two different cast members from I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!: original supermodel Janice Dickinson and Hills star Holly Montag. Of course, the celebrities later voted to bring Holly back for one more day -- just long enough to get her into her underwear, of course -- but she was quickly sent packing again. Before Holly's one-day return, we got to sit in on a conference call with Holly and Janice, so while we weren't able to ask them about the one getting chosen over the other, we were able to ask Holly about Sanjolly, Heidi and Playboy and Janice about the granola bar incident, Jon Lovitz, her vagina and Jon Lovitz. You can't wait, can you?

Holly, was there ever anything really romantic going on with you and Sanjaya?

Holly Montag: Sanjaya is my best friend. We got very, very close. But nothing romantic.

No Sanjolly?

Holly: No. We can be Sanjolly. I love that. That's the cutest thing I ever heard. But as far as the jungle is concerned, no. It's not very private there.

The expression on your face when Sanjaya was explaining his "gay best friend" theory to you was priceless. Did you have a genuine attraction to him? I mean, be real.

Holly: Oh, yes. He's a very attractive person. He's talented and he's great looking. He's got all the qualities. Any girl would be attracted to Sanjaya, I think.

So you wouldn't be opposed to dating him after the show?

Holly: I don't know. We'll see about that. I'm kind of liking this "Sanjolly" ring to it. But no, I think we're just best friends, and that's where we're keeping it for now.

Janice, did your conflicts with John Salley, worsen after he became the camp leader?

Janice Dickinson: I have to say that John Salley's world on- and off-camera and his camp leadership, we didn't see eye-to-eye at all, from the beginning, middle, or the end. Nevertheless, he is a four-time champion NBA ball player who pushed a middle-aged woman out of the way during a trial. You don't push women out of the way for anything. So I didn't like being manhandled by Mr. Salley.

How did you both feel about Heidi and Spencer almost returning to the jungle?

Janice: Heidi and Spencer are the greatest amateurs I've ever met. They are amateurs at reality television. It's easy to play a bitch. It's easy to be a witch. But Heidi and Spencer will go on to do great things. I hope they come back, because I'm not done with Spencer.

Holly: I was glad that they gave it another shot, you know? It's difficult. People don't realize that for a couple -- especially newlyweds who haven't even really had a honeymoon, you know -- basically, you're honeymooning, you have no privacy and you feel ill. I know Janice felt really ill and she hung in there. And I'm so proud of her for that. I can't even imagine how difficult it was to be in those extreme circumstances and be ill. But, you know, I don't blame them. It's their choice. They were able to leave, but at least they gave it one more shot and I know it didn't make the other campers very happy. But, you know, at least they gave it another go before they split.

Holly, you and Spencer didn't have the most amicable friendship on The Hills. Is that more for show or have you just since resolved your differences?

Holly: Since then, we've just come to a mutual understanding, and he's the funniest guy I know. I'm so happy that we're getting along and it's been great. I'm just very pleased that they're married, and everything is great in the Pratt-Montag bunch.

Holly, do you think Heidi maybe has little bit of a disconnect going on by espousing Christian values while agreeing to pose for Playboy?

Holly: Well, I'm not sure. I don't think that the Lord judges anything, you know, judges anybody. It's only between her and God. And I don't know, she's not doing it nude, so I don't really think -- I don't know. That's a really weird question. Ask Heidi.

Janice: I've got to come to her defense for a second. I did Playboy in 1982 with Peter Beard in Kenya, and I've done semi-nudes for American Vogue, every magazine on Earth. Heidi is a devout, very spiritual lady and I doubt very seriously she's going to be a centerfold.

Holly: Yes, she's going to do it very tastefully, and the organization is great and sweet and they do a lot of great things, you know, and charity. And I don't think it's a problem at all. I think it's going to be gorgeous.

Janice, what were you thinking when you ate that granola bar?

Janice: You mean the one that I nipped from the medical office? When I ate that granola bar in the doctor's office, because I hadn't had any food for two weeks, I felt it my duty, and I broke a rule in my religion. I'm a Catholic -- thou shalt not steal. There were other celebrities in that jungle, and against everyone's rule, I took those cookies back to camp and I threw them at everybody to share. It was like if I had something, I had to share it with my teammates.

Janice, the producers Shanghaied you quite a bit. They taped you urinating with infrared while you were half-asleep, and I'm just wondering how you feel about the production ethos that targeted you?

Janice: Here's the deal with the producers of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!... I'm menopausing, all right? I've got two teenaged children. It's hard to hold it in. I was well aware that there were cameras everywhere. Hopefully you didn't see something that needs vaginal rejuvenation. Hopefully that was all blurred out. But I have night blindness. So the bathroom area was a good 250 feet away from our sleeping area, and I am deathly afraid of snakes, rats, crocodiles and anything else that crawls in the night. So you know what? Every pregnant woman that's listening or reading this interview will understand that when you've got to go, you've got to go.

So you were fully aware that they were taping you during all of the segments regardless? It didn't matter?

Janice: You know what? If public urination is against anyone's -- if they don't like it, then turn the television off.

Janice, you were constantly on dishwashing duty. Are your dishwashing skills better than they've ever been because of this?

Janice: Sweetheart, I don't know how old you think I am, but I've been washing dishes since the 19th century. I'm not kidding you. My dishwashing skills? You know, the Montags may have grown up poor -- we didn't have money for toilet paper. I became a model when I was 18. I had to go to New York City and claw my way up to the top, to coin the term "supermodel" and then open doors for girls like Cindy Crawford and the rest is history.

Janice, do you think the show was a good representation of who you really are?

Janice: There was no acting on my part. I'm not an actress. A good representation? Yes. That's who I am.

Woman: Can I interrupt for a second? I'm Janice's publicist. You were sick most of the time.

Janice: All right, that's -- I was sicker than a dog through secondary infections from being immunized, bronchial. I was under medication night and day. It was torrential rainstorms. I was getting thrown in crocodile pits. You know, they filmed all sorts of situations. It's the greatest show on television.

Were you actually happy to leave?

Janice: No. I wanted to win for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Research Foundation. I wanted to win that thing more than anything. We've got to find a cure for AIDS.

What was the one thing that did get to you both in the jungle?

Holly: The one thing that did get to me was Sanjaya's little second wind that he would get every night, right when we were all settling down and getting ready to go to bed. We were all getting sleepy, and just all of a sudden he gets this burst of energy and start singing and talking. He'd come over and shake my hammock and want to talk and I was like, "You know, dude. It's bedtime. Come on. It's been a long day." But it was very endearing, and it's great in retrospect. But at the time I was really...

Janice: It drove me insane.

Who would you guys like to see on the next installment of the show?

Holly: Oh, that's a great question.

Janice: I would like to see Lizzie Grubman. Well let me add this, I would like to see Howard Stern. I'd like to see -- wait please, if there's 12, I'll make it really quick. I'd like to see -- who's that chick that was married to Travis Barker?

Woman: Shanna Moakler?

Janice: Shanna Moakler. I think Shanna Moakler will rock. Yes, she'd be gnarly. I'd like to see Jay-Z. I'd like to see Puff Daddy.

Holly: I'd like to get some more comedians in there. That was really entertaining. Maybe some SNL cast members. Maybe like...

Janice: Jon Lovitz.

Holly: Andy Samberg just hosted the movie awards. He'd be awesome. He's in the NBC family. And Rihanna maybe. She grew up in the tropics. So she might be well. I don't know if they would shoot it in Costa Rica again.

Janice: Get some votes, and get the one that beat her up in.

Holly: Yes. They can duke it out in the jungle.

Janice: Jon Lovitz.

Holly: Jon Lovitz would be awesome. There are so many. I mean it's just a great show. It's going to be awesome whoever's on there. I can't wait to see the next version.




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