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Angela and Kevin Prepare for the End of The Office

by Samantha Rullo September 19, 2012 1:02 pm
Angela and Kevin Prepare for the End of <I>The Office</i>

Tomorrow night is the ninth season premiere of The Office, and also marks the beginning of show's final season. After years of anchoring NBC's Thursday night comedy lineup, the show will finish its plotlines, and according to two cast members, give the audience some surprises. Angela Kinsey, who, of course, plays Angela Martin, and Brian Baumgartner, the man behind the goofy Kevin Malone, spoke with us about what's ahead this season and what they're not quite ready to leave behind.

TWoP: What are you most looking forward to in the final season?
Angela Kinsey: Oh my goodness, there's so much we're looking forward to. We're gonna see the documentary camera crew that has been there this whole time. They'll be sort of revealed and we're gonna learn about that, so I think that's really cool. Also, for my character you're going to find out who the father of my baby is and that will start a whole storyline as the year ends.
Brian Baumgartner: The creative aspect of the show is extremely important and I think ending it this year and being able to tell the story we want to tell, that was tremendously important for us. I think that fans of the show will be pleased with the sort of gradual way that the end of the story is told. The beginning of the end really starts with the season premiere and plays itself out over the 24 episodes. I think so far in terms of what we've seen and definitely what we've talked about, in terms of the end of the season, it's really exciting.

TWoP: Do you see any major changes or surprises coming up throughout the season, or do you think its more of a gradual process?
Baumgartner: I think people will be very surprised.
Kinsey: We've already had some table reads where I've read some stuff and been like, "Oh really?" I do think that the writers are doing a really great job of making sure that we have a true end, which is like what Brian was talking about. But although we're sad to be parting ways, because we're all a very close-knit group, this was the right time to end strong so that we didn't just fade away. Part of that is mixing it up a little bit. There are some twists and turns and each character is really going to have its goodbye.

TWoP: Has the atmosphere on set been different at all, since you guys now know it's the last season?
Baumgartner: I think a little.
Kinsey: Yeah, absolutely. We were filming the Halloween episode last week and we always look forward to it, every year we do this episode and we laugh at each other's costumes. Between takes we were filming, and John Krasinski yelled out, "You guys this is our last Halloween episode!" and we were all like, "Ah! oh my god!" I think it'll hit us in waves as the year plays out.

TWoP: How has it been to have Greg Daniels back, after a few seasons of him working on other stuff?
Kinsey: Awesome, just awesome. Greg really has a vision for the show, and he has a vision for each character and their arc and to have him here is just really amazing.

TWoP: What are you going to miss most about The Office?
Kinsey: The people -- my friends -- for sure. The cast, the crew, we've been together for nine years. Brian said this earlier, its like we all went to high school together, and then college, and then hung out in an apartment for a year after that. So I'll really miss the people.
Baumgartner: It's the people. That and, to say something different, I think that I'll miss the show in general. I'm tremendously proud of it. Not to be bold, but I feel like it was original, groundbreaking television that has really changed the landscape of television today. I'm proud to have been a part of that.

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