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<i>Parks and Recreation</i>‘s Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza Talk Season 5

It's been a very long summer without our favorite local government, but they're finally back. Parks and Recreation will return for its fifth season tomorrow, and we couldn't be more excited to catch up with the Pawnee gang -- even if a few of the members are out-of-town. We talked to Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza about their characters, and in between cracking us up and bringing out our inner fangirls, we learned what to expect for the new season.

TWoP: There were a lot of changes for most of the characters hinted at in the finale. Are we going to get to see a lot of them explored?
Aubrey Plaza: I can speak about April -- she gets asked by Ben to go to Washington D.C. to work on his campaign. So she kind of takes on a whole new responsibility, and Andy stays in Pawnee and begins his journey to becoming a police officer, which is something that was hinted at in the season finale.
Adam Scott: And Leslie was just elected of course to city council, so we see her adjusting to that, to the politics of being on the city council board and the other city councilmen who may not be quite so welcoming. Then Ben's living in D.C. so Leslie and Ben have this long distance relationship that's really challenging for them, but also funny to watch... I hope.

TWoP: Do you know yet how much of the season will be set in D.C., or is just the premiere as of now?
Scott: We don't know, we may be there all season.
Plaza: They don't tell us anything; they keep us in the dark. They keep us guessing.
Scott: But so far it's fun being there, it's like a separate show almost.
Plaza: Yeah, and you get to see Ben and April interact.

TWoP: What do you think of the relationship between those two characters? We haven't seen too much of the dynamic between them yet.
Plaza: It's a lot of fun for me.
Scott: For me, it's interesting, it's new. I hope that at some point I'm able to understand why it's happening.

TWoP: Is there anything you'd like to see more of with your characters this season?
Plaza: I would like to see a lot more alcohol in my character. I like when she gets drunk.
Scott: You shouldn't say that.
Plaza: I'd just like to see her really buckle down and get serious at work.
Scott: There you go.
Scott: And I'd like to see Ben--
Plaza: -- don't say it, ew, gross.
Scott: I'm just gonna say I would like to see Ben take windsurfing lessons and become a professional windsurfer... I'm being completely serious.

TWoP: Well that'd be an interesting season.
Scott: I think it'd be the opposite of interesting.
Plaza: Just an entire season of Ben windsurfing.
Scott: Seriously though, I think that this season is gonna be really interesting, because we're all kind of in different places. Amy's been calling it the season of lost bearings because everyone's kind of spread out all over the place, and in completely different places than where we left off and we have to figure out how they all come back together.
Plaza: Fight our way back.
Scott: That's right, claw our way back up.
Plaza: Out of the jungle and back to Pawnee.
Scott: I hope we get back there at some point but it's fun being in D.C., for now.

TWoP: Moving on, what are your favorite ways to treat your self?
Plaza: I just like to get the real good, long stares in the mirror in the morning, just really wake myself up every day.
Scott: She comes to work and her cheeks are bright red because she's been staring in the mirror, slapping herself in the face. And we're like, "What's going on Aubrey?" And she's like, "I was treating myself... to a cold, hard lesson."

TWoP: How about you, Adam?
Scott: I like to treat myself to... I like... have you ever had a hot stone massage?

TWoP: Me? No.
Scott: Okay, I've had one and I hated it.
Plaza: Why don't you just ask her for her number?
Scott: I'm not gonna... no... I'm married.
Plaza. Do it, ask her for her number.
Scott: No, I can't. I'm not gonna ask you for your number.

TWoP: Okay.
Scott: It's not happening... I was just asking you a question about massage. People who work together, they can just talk about massage right? That's not a big deal?

TWoP: I think it's okay, it's appropriate.
Scott: I wanted to know if you've had a hot stone massage. No, you haven't, okay great. That's it, that's all I was saying. I have and I did not enjoy it so that's not what I would treat my self too. That's just the information that I'm giving out right now.
Plaza: I'll give you a hot stone massage.
Scott: No thanks, I don't like them, so... but the weird thing is Aubrey has the equipment in her trailer to heat up rocks and put them on people's bodies. She's always trying to get the cast to come into her trailer and have white hot rocks placed on their skin.
Plaza: An ancient Puerto Rican--
Scott: No it's not.

TWoP: So you treat yourself by not getting hot stone massages every day?
Scott: That's what I do, I spend tons of money avoiding them.
Plaza: And talking about it non-stop. So it's really a treat for everyone.
Scott: It is.

TWoP: And how's Champion doing these days?
Plaza: Champion's great! Still has three legs, think that's gonna always be the case. But he's doing great, getting a lot of exercise, and a lot of mental stimulation.
Scott: How is he getting mental stimulation?
Plaza: Just games, tricks.

TWoP: I hope we'll get to see more of him this season.
Plaza: You will.

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