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Great, Now I Have to Watch the Creative Arts Emmys

by Mindy Monez August 22, 2008 2:32 pm
Great, Now I Have to Watch the Creative Arts Emmys We all know what the Creative Arts Emmys are -- it's that ceremony that happens a week before the real Emmys that takes care of all the categories not interesting enough to make the big broadcast. Last year, it was jazzed up a bit by Kathy Griffin's now notorious "Suck it, Jesus!" acceptance speech, but this year it's going to a whole other level with hosting duties by Sarah Chalke and the Patron Saint of TWoP, Neil Patrick Harris! This is so exciting! But not at all! Because now I have to sit through the Creative Arts Emmys which are boring, just to pay homage to NPH (Sarah Chalke is awesome too, just not like, saintly awesome. You understand.) Oh, well. Maybe they'll do some hilarious skits and have charming banter and I'll learn a thing or two about excellent casting directors. You know, for my acting career that I'll pursue if this blogging thing doesn't work out. Anyway, E! will be airing the ceremony on September 20, NPH fans!




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