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HBO Bites Off More True Blood

by Angel Cohn September 17, 2008 5:00 pm
HBO Bites Off More <i>True Blood</I>

Good news, fans of sexy vampire TV shows: True Blood got picked up for a second season after airing just two episodes. (Ep. 2 got a nice bump... likely because they didn't air it during a holiday weekend!) Either HBO's real desperate, or it knows that its got a slow-building culty hit on its hands. I'm hoping for the later, but I'm kind of a realist these days, so it is probably the former. Having read a bunch of the Sookie Stackhouse books (or the Southern Vampire novels as they are oft referred to) there's a lot of potential. Given that the first two episodes are mostly in keeping with the first novel (with a few additional and amalgam characters), but only tackle a few chapters, I presume that the first season will finish out the tale the unfurls in book one.

Which means that season two could be the second novel... and so forth and so on. Though if I were an actor playing a character other than Sookie or Bill on this show, I wouldn't be buying a house or anything. People get axed in these books more often than Henry the VIII kills off his wives on The Tudors. It's a risky gig. Seriously. People that get near Sookie tend to have unfortunate run-ins with supernatural beings.

Anyway, if Season 2 is Book 2, which it should be according to the voices in my head, here's what people can expect: Lots more sex (there is so much in the first one, I was blushing on the bus while reading it.) A trip out of town to the dangerous vampire underworld in Dallas, TX. A fabulous look at Sookie's first airplane trip and some insight into the traveling habits of vamps. As well as Sookie meeting another telepath. Lots more of Sookie getting hit on by Eric (the hot bad boy vampire boss that I'd want to jump if I were in her shoes. I'm hoping he shows up soon... think Buffy's Spike but even hotter). A breakup and makeup between Bill and Sookie (these two split up and reunite more often than Carrie and Mr. Big). Sookie getting beaten up in the line of duty. Oh, and lots more sex. Did I mention that already? Well, these books are pretty damn smutty (in the best possible way).

Now it is completely possible that creative genius Alan Ball has a different storyline arc entirely planned out in his brilliantly twisted mind. It is conceivable that Book 1 mysteries may be dragged out longer, or he'll decide to skip around and bring in Book 3's hot werewolf (Pretty please!) early. Whatever. I know I'll be watching this one as long as they decide to air it, so I'm happy that it won't get axed any time soon. TV always needs more vampires.




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