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<I>24</I> Season 7 Trailer: Way Better Than I Thought It Would Be! Angel and I have a rule here in the office when we speak of 24: Season 6 never happened. Last year was so awful and confused that, I dunno, it just takes the joy out of reminiscing about electrocuted testicles and poisoned teenagers, you know? We just prefer to pretend it doesn't exist. It gets us through the day. Anyway, the trailer for next season was released a couple days ago (I missed it because I was too sick and cranky to look at the internet), and after watching it, I am going to hesitantly declare that 24 Season 7 looks like it is going to be good.

CTU has been disbanded, and a Senate hearing is trying to hold Jack responsible for human rights violations, which is something that is long overdue. Also, Senate? Good luck with that. We already knew Tony Almeida was back from the dead, but he's apparently a terrorist now, and I already know what you're going to say. Does that reek of James Cromwell's ludicrous evil turn in Season 6? Yes, I suppose it does. But anything that warrants Jack Bauer saying, "So help me God I will kill you, and you will stay dead this time!" is always awesome, even if it is technically absolutely not, plot-wise. Watch the trailer below, and keep your eyes peeled for my personal favorite part: Kiefer Sutherland walking around The Hill in slow-mo, like, "If it's a crime to be this fabulous, lock me up and throw away the key!"

Bonus, honorary favorite part: I don't believe I saw any Audrey anywhere. I never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Lipstick Jungle!




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