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Fringe Gets a Whole Season!

by Mindy Monez October 2, 2008 2:34 pm
Fringe Gets a Whole Season! I'm still upset over the impending cancellation of Sarah Connor, but at least there is some good TV news in the world to balance it out. Fringe has been given the official full-season order, adding an additional 13 episodes to its original nine. If you bust out a calculator and add those two numbers together like I did, you get 22 whole episodes! That's downright respectable! The show got a ratings bump up to 10 million viewers from nine million last week, and is the number one new show with the 18-49ers, making it the exact opposite of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, thus Fox is into it.

I'm really enjoying Fringe, mostly because I'm a die-hard J.J. Abrams fan (no matter how much he regularly pisses on his fans), but after this week's episode I'm totally hooked. The overarching conspiracy is starting to come together finally, and it is as creepy and compelling so far as I'd hoped. Only major complaint? This show needs more Lance Reddick! Use those extra 13 episodes to showcase Lance Reddick! They hired this great actor with an impressive pedigree of projects on his resume (The Wire, Lost, Oz), and he's being grossly underused. Other than that, though, Fringe delivers. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program of Terminator sulking.




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