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<I>Sons of Anarchy</I> Gets Back on the Bike for a Second Season I haven't been following Sons of Anarchy's ratings at all because I assumed they weren't that great considering how heavy and gritty the series is, but boy was I wrong. The show averages a whopping (for a cable net) five million viewers per episode, which is why FX has gone ahead and ordered a second season! SOA is a brilliant series and by far my favorite new show, and I'm thrilled that that many people are loving it as much as I am. Personally, I only know of one other fan besides me, and he doesn't really count because he works here, but I'm sure these fellow Sons fans do, indeed, exist -- numbers don't lie!

And hey, speaking of numbers, five million viewers just happens to be two million viewers better than what Gossip Girl averages, which is in no way relevant to this story; I just don't understand the hype around that bone-crushingly boring show. Yes, I'm petty, but seriously: Why can't anyone shut up about that show when clearly hardly anybody outside of pop culture bloggers watches it?! Anyway, pop some champagne, pour it on a white trash hooker, gas up the hogs and get ready for another season of Sons!




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