The Telefile
It also makes me miss the California white trash I grew up amongst more than I thought anything ever would (Vallejo represent!), but that's neither here nor there. The series started out strong and, over the course of the first four episodes has really turned into a great show. Last week's episode was particularly exceptional, and if you've never watched Sons or maybe fell away from it after the pilot, I really recommend getting back into it with this one.

The most impressive thing about the series is probably how well the supporting characters are being developed. There are a lot of them, and at first I worried there were too many to really get attached to, but the writers have found a way to make that happen slowly and effortlessly. Character-driven drama is balanced with great action, and with the exception of an ex-gang girlfriend/doctor, there aren't any worthless characters taking up screen time. Also, Vomiting hookers? Taryn Manning repeating the words "Old lady" over and over again as her highest aspiration? Katey Sagal and her hatbox full of guns? This is great television. Last night's episode is below; skip to the 36:20 mark to see a bitchin' gang shoot-out in a whorehouse. Nope, not exaggerating.




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The Telefile

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