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Wouldn’t <I>Big Brother</I> Be Better With Zombies?

Probably about once a week, I get all wistful and think that I'd love to live in the UK. My reasons are usually television-related, of course. I would get Doctor Who earlier. I could tour around Cardiff and stalk John Barrowman. I could get sucked into all the smuttier versions of reality shows they air all the time. I could get hooked on soap operas that aren't Days of Our Lives. I could send my kid to Hogwarts. It would be awesome. Today I came across something in my email inbox that provided yet another reason for me wanting to move across the pond.

Some channel in the UK called E4 (not to be confused with the American geeky network G4) has created a six-episode series called Dead Set. The premise is freaking incredible. Basically zombies take over Great Britain (if you've seen 28 Days Later you'll realize this is not uncommon), but the contestants who have been closed off from the world to live in the Big Brother house have no idea what horrors are unfolding in the real world. Until someone gets evicted and the doors are opened... and then the zombies come in. Un-freakin-believable. Why did no one think of this before? I'm praying that Sci Fi or BBC America picks this up to air stateside because I want to see all of it. I'm a sucker for zombie flicks and I'm a BB junkie. This is like the perfect messed up marriage of the two.

If they do make the inevitable Americanized version, I'd love it if they got old BB contestants to sit in the house and get their brains eaten. James (pictured) would be the first to go. Then Holly, with her annoying voice. The undead would of course turn everyone except for Evel Dick, who would be their king, and I'm sure he knows how to take down a zombie or two with a blunt instrument to their heads. He's probably had to use that info before. And Julie Chen would also survive, because zombies can't kill robots.




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