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Love, Labor and <i>Lost</i>: Our Five Fave Moments from Episode 3

So far, it seems like Lost is firing on all cylinders, as we're already on the third episode, and the surprises just keep on coming. No more castaways sitting on the beach discussing their feelings, crap is getting D-U-N done, and in, like, seven different decades to boot. We watched Episode 3 last night (after watching Episode 2: The Cliff's Notes Version), and we just had to gush over the five moments in "Jughead" that blew us away like a hydrogen bomb.

5. Penny and Des Had a Baby!
And they didn't waste any time, either. A little more than a year after they were reunited, little Charlie was born on a sailboat somewhere in the South Pacific. His name is both a fitting tribute to Charlie Pace, who died saving Desmond and warning him about the freighter folk, as well as a grudging tribute to Penny's father, Charles Widmore, the total douchebag.

4. No, Seriously, Widmore's a Douchebag.
And he has been for a while. We know this because we see him as a young man in the 1950s... when he was an Other! He keeps a gun trained on Locke even when Richard Alpert tells him to lower it, and when Richard finally calls the man "Widmore," Locke's eyes and grin widen in recognition, asking if it's "Charles Widmore." Widmore is kinda pissy about it, but says "yeah," and we freak out.

3. Young Scientists in Love
When Faraday correctly guesses that some of the Others are suffering from radiation burns from a leaky hydrogen bomb, he tells Richard Alpert he can fix it. When Richard asks him why he should trust him, Faraday says it's because he loves Charlotte, and doesn't want her to die. Charlotte is kinda stunned by this, and the Hallmark moment makes us almost forgive Faraday for keeping a lot of crap from us.

2. To Be Fair, Widmore is Also Kind of a Badass.
Before we know he's Charles Widmore, the young Other (wearing the uniform of a man named "Jones") unflinchingly snaps the neck of his comrade, who was about to spill the location of the Others' camp to Locke. Then he went bounding into the jungle like a homicidal Tigger, because snapping necks is what Tiggers do best.

1. ...But Locke is the Bigger Badass.
After Locke, Sawyer and Juliet follow Widmore to the camp, Locke starts to stride right in. Sawyer questions whether that's the best idea, and says he's gonna go rescue Daniel Faraday, Bomb Repairman. Locke says, "Fine, I'll give you a ten-minute head start," then enters the camp like he owns the place, which he probably thinks he does. After Jack Bauer and Brock Samson, John Locke may just be the most badass character on television.

What were your favorite moments from last night?




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