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A Case of TMI

by Angel Cohn July 28, 2008 4:33 pm
A Case of TMI

I know that there were probably fans out there who were bothered by the fact that we never saw Jack Bauer take a potty break or stop for a snack during one of his marathon days, but did this merit actually asking Kiefer Sutherland about it? In public? In front of thousands of Comic-Con fans? Really? Is there nothing else better that could have been asked about Jack Bauer's life than this? Nothing? I hope the producers don't get ideas that we actually want to see Jack in the stall with a magazine or something.

Anyway, Comic-Con virgin Kiefer Sutherland gamely answered the question and said basically that when you see scenes at the White House, that's when Jack does his business. Lovely. Now every time I see Cherry Jones screaming at someone next season I'm going to be wondering what kind of sandwich Jack's munching on. Or instead of busting terrorists and holding a gun to someone's head, I'll be thinking that Jack's busy finding some bushes in which he can relieve himself. Great. Just freakin' great. Thanks, random Comic-Con attendee. I really needed that. Couldn't you at least have asked how they manage to get all over LA in unmarked cars without hitting any traffic? Because frankly, I think that is the real mystery.




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