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Grey’s Anatomy Ousts Gay Doc

by Angel Cohn November 4, 2008 1:43 pm
<I>Grey’s Anatomy</I> Ousts Gay Doc

In the infamous words of Law & Order's Serena Southerlyn, "Is this because I'm a lesbian?" Dr. Erica Hahn is getting summarily discharged from Seattle Grace only a week after she came out of the closet and saw the leaves through the trees or whatever. Rumors are that ABC didn't like her racy "south of the border" storyline with Callie. (Though Shonda Rimes insists in a statement that Smith wasn't fired because her character was a lesbian, and that they still have Callie, a lesbian, on the show). In her interview with EW's Ausiello, Brooke Smith says she was told they couldn't write for her character any more.

What? She's got the most potentially interesting character arc on the show. Are the powers that be crazy? While the speculation seems to be that they don't want to have a lesbian relationship on this show, I think there is some credence to the fact that the writers just don't know how to handle Hahn. She's a total bitch snapping at interns and threatening to cut Meredith's heart out with a steak knife (my personal favorite moment of this season), to the hot sensual doc having a feisty relationship filled with sex and tears. It's like she's Jekyll and Hyde sometimes (maybe Smith could get a role as one of those Christian Slater-esque kind of agents on My Own Worst Enemy).

They've taken this strong woman and made her so weak. So needy that after her girlfriend comes in and reveals that she went to her ex-boyfriend and had sex (twice!) to see if she really liked boy parts instead of lady bits, she just kind of shrugs it off. This after she had this emotional outburst and put her heart out on her sleeve. And yet when they put her in her lab coat she's all take no prisoners.

Clearly, they just are clueless over there. And maybe it is that they don't know how to write this lesbian storyline (though given all of the bed-hopping exchanges that have happened on that show, I'm really surprised that this one has thrown them for a loop) because what had a lot of potential has been pretty much dull. The only highlights have been Hahn's "leaf speech," and Bailey explaining the rules of "vajayjayland." When everyone else is in the throes of hot affairs and tossing their tops off in the on-call rooms and making out in elevators with their flavor of the week, you'd think there'd be room for some sexy moments between Callie and Erica. After practically all of last season was spent with them flirting and toeing the line of this storyline, and lots of innuendo filled talk, I thought the actual hook-up was a letdown. Seriously, this is subject matter for a highly-rated network TV show to tackle and it has been awkward and boring. To me that's the bigger issue. This is Grey's Anatomy! The only reason I keep watching this show is for the romantic entanglements, and I want them to be steamy.

Plus, if the firing was because they were afraid of having a lesbian storyline, why would they cast Melissa George to play a supposedly bisexual character? Who I'm guessing would hook up with Callie... or Mark... or both. An idea I find totally awful in principal because I just won't ever be able to see her as anything but the exceedingly irritating Lauren Reed on Alias. Is this just an attempt to bring in a younger and (arguably) prettier model? Though new rumors sparking around say that perhaps George's character will no longer be bisexual, which kind of jibes with Shonda's statement about how they don't just want to replace Hahn with another lesbian.

I've got a feeling that I'm going to be super annoyed after watching this Thursday's episode (which will mark Brooke Smith's last appearance). Your thoughts? Do you think the network didn't want to deal with a gay character? Do you think the writers just really didn't know how to handle Hahn? Do you even care? Let us know.




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