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<I>Scrubs</I> Surprisingly Doubles the Fun

Ah Scrubs. We used to love it, but then we had to PH it. It just wasn't so consistently funny anymore. Still, it definitely deserved a better send off than that twisted fairy tale mess of a "series finale" that aired on NBC, but I wasn't entirely looking forward to its return, especially if it was going to deliver more lackluster episodes. There's not much I hate more than shows that just don't know when to quit. However, the two episode premiere (on its new network) actually won me over, and made me remember why I used to enjoy this show in the first place. Here's why...

No damned babies!
Courteney Cox looked good and was just crazy enough without being shrill.
Insanely mean and horrible new intern. She's the best.
The steak night dance.
A dead J.D. stuffed and set next to Rowdy.
The Human Giant intern boy looking for topless pictures of Sienna Miller... not at all hard to find.
Their obsession with Lost chatrooms. (Which reeked a little of sucking up to the new bosses, but the red balloons were funny, so there.)
Ted typing.
Courteney Cox meeting the Janitor for the first time and asking his name.
Elliot realizing she can be a self-involved bitch and owning up to it.
No inter-hospital dating relationships to muck things up.
Turk and J.D. with flare guns and beer.
Touchy-feely guy.
Facts of Life nicknames.
Some nice self-deprecating humor calling J.D. out on his recurring fantasy of seeing hot girls with their hair blowing.
Carla's spies.
The Janitor's magic key.
The outtake at the end where J.D. talks about how he'll have Turk stuffed and put in a closet next to Carla.

My only real complaint was the lack of the Todd, but I guess him and touchy-feely guy together might have been a little bit too much to handle. [Editor's note: And the way too on the nose Death Cab for Cutie song took me out of a really nice moment completely. -- Mindy] Your thoughts on the episodes? Did they meet your expectations? Your favorite parts?




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