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Seven Luckiest TV Characters

by Angel Cohn March 16, 2009 3:20 pm
Seven Luckiest TV Characters While not all of these characters have the luck of the Irish per se, they have somehow managed to live charmed lives. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we sought out the TV folks who were truly the luckiest people for a variety of reasons. See who made our list.

Dwight Schrute (The Office)
Despite his inability to behave like a normal human being, he somehow is still the top Dunder-Mifflin salesman. Strange enough, and though his irreverent behavior should have gotten him fired a multitude of times, he still has a job and seems to shine brighter after every foible. Not to mention the fact that he once killed Angela's cat and she kept sleeping with him for awhile.

Jack Bauer (24)
He's had seven really crappy days, been actually dead once, and nearly dead so many times that we've lost count. Not to mention the fact that he's always wanted by someone, or in proximity to bombs, nuclear explosions and assassination attempts. By this point it is not only a miracle that he is still alive, but also quite impressive that he isn't rotting away in a jail cell somewhere.

Phil Keoghan (The Amazing Race)
He's got pretty much the best gig ever as host of this globe-trotting series. He's not stuck for two months in a sweltering locale like Probst, and instead, he gets paid to see the world and his only difficult task is counting as people reach his little mat and signing off with his patented eyebrow raise. Simple! Not to mention that all he has to do is strip-down to his boxer-briefs to send his fans swooning. He doesn't even have to try hard at all.

Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
One of the few couples in a good relationship on television. They both have their share of quirks (and annoying friends), but they are truly blessed to have found the person who can deal with all of their idiosyncrasies. It's not often you find someone you can stand for as long as they've been together, and have that someone still be willing to meet you at the airport with a keg of beer and a marching band.

Meredith Grey (Grey's Anatomy)
How Meredith has made it this far in her residency being all pouty and petulant without someone at least trying to stab her in the head with a scalpel is a mystery to us. She is one of the most annoying people on TV and yet, she has a sweet house, no rent, has friends who always seem to have booze available and a truly handsome boyfriend. How does this greasy-haired whiner who isn't even that pretty keep getting hot guys? It makes no sense at all. She's either got a closet full of four leaf clovers, or she sold her soul to the devil. That's the only explanation.

Matt Saracen (Friday Night Lights)
For the first two seasons, Matt Saracen had a string of bad luck, from broken hearts to adult-sized responsibilities. Now he's got his girlfriend back, his mom has found her way back into his life and is helping out with his ailing grandma, and even though he lost the QB1 position, he's not stuck on the bench, as he's found that he has equal skills on the gridiron as a wide receiver. That's a pretty damned lucky break.

Melissa Rycroft (The Bachelor/Dancing With the Stars)
This reality show starlet went from getting dumped on national TV to coming out smelling like a rose on Dancing With the Stars, all within the span of a week. After her very public breakup with Jason on The Bachelor, she snagged an available spot (thanks to Nancy O'Dell's sudden injury... coincidence?) and earned some of the highest scores on the DWtS premiere. Plus, she doesn't have to date that idiot Jason, which is a true prize. And she's got the added bonus of not being the next forgotten Bachelorette. It's a win-win.

Who do you think the luckiest characters on TV are? Sound off below.




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