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Best Boyfriends (and Husbands) on TV

We don't often get all mushy and romantic over here at TWoP, but it's Valentine's week, the one time of the year when we do have a little bit of a heart. To take advantage of this momentary lapse of cynicism, we decided to spotlight the often underappreciated characters on TV who are really just amazingly wonderful guys we wish we were dating or (dare we dream) married to. If they actually existed, that is.

Ryan (Life Unexpected)
It's only been a few episodes, but he's already dealt with keeping a relationship under wraps, coped with the return of his girlfriend's illegitimate 16-year-old daughter, proposed to his lady, handled their relationship being suddenly public, resisted punching out his fiancée's former flame and let a teenager move in with them. And he's done it mostly with a smile and a lot of flirting. He's pretty much a saint.

Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)
It's not surprising that Ted covets the relationship that the sweet little Marshmallow has with his wife Lily. Those two are the perfect couple, but it's Marshall's willingness to almost always bend over backwards to do anything for his beloved wife that earned him a spot on this list.

Cameron (Modern Family)
There are a lot of great husbands on this show: Phil's weird and flirty with his stepmother-in-law but he's still loyal, while Jay's gruff but really loves his outspoken wife and her adorable son. However, it's really Cam that steps it up. Have you seen his neurotic partner Mitchell? Cam deals with that with a smile and a smooch, and keeps showing off his various wonderful hidden talents that make living with him an adventure. It's no wonder that a poor delusional girl sees him as soulmate material.

Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)
He's far from perfect: he's a vampire who gets little vein-popping eyes when he's angry, he's often a cold-blooded killer, he has a lot of secrets and he can be a little distant. However, he's fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect his beloved Elena. And did you hear that speech about how he'd been watching (stalking) her for months after her parents' death? Swoon. That'd do in any teenage girl - even ones who aren't technically teenagers any more.

Owen (Grey's Anatomy)
Sure, he nearly choked Cristina to death due to PTSD, but since then he's been a model boyfriend. Especially by turning down a woman he also had feelings for and standing by his work-obsessed girlfriend. And not quitting on Cristina is an impressive feat indeed. It would be worth suffering burns in uncomfortable places to be with him.

Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
The show's most notorious playboy seems like a bizarre choice for this list, but since he and Blair gave in to their feelings and became a couple, he's been a model boyfriend (or at least as much as he possibly can be). He's said adios to his harem of international hookers, keeps Blair on her toes, assists in her off-the-wall schemes and listens to her (except when a ghost is haunting him). He's a bit of a Stepford Bass, but we can't deny that he'd be a considerate date.

Jin (Lost)
In the course of a few years (or decades, depending on what year the island is in) Jin has gone from a killer-for-hire to a sensitive husband who wants nothing more than to be reunited with his beloved wife. He's willing to return to the crappiest place on earth, trek through dangerous jungles alone and break the boundaries of time in order to be reunited with her. Now that's romantic.

Clay (Sons of Anarchy)
He might have cheated with Half-Sack's crush, but hey, that was just to teach the prospect a lesson -- it's not like he enjoyed himself, right? What matters is that Clay stands by his wife Gemma when it matters most, and when he can't protect her, he retaliates with a vengeance. And despite the fact that he's the terrifying head of a motorcycle gang, he's actually adorably sweet around his wife.

Tracy (30 Rock)
He loves to look at strippers, at least when his conscience doesn't get the better of him, but in his heart, he's really a loyal husband with a desire to be a good family man. And he's got plenty of cash, so he can afford to keep Angie in the lifestyle she's become accustomed to.

Who do you consider the best boyfriend or husband on TV? Sound off below, and then browse our list of TV's Most Eligible Bachelors.

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