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TWoP 10: Characters We're Most Happy to Be Free Of

With another Fourth of July upon us, it's time to celebrate our freedom, and for us TV junkies, that means freedom from crappy shows and, more specifically, certain awful characters. Some of these people were on blissfully canceled shows, while others were recently ousted from halfway decent programs. Let's toast our independence from these most dreadful creations:

10. Anna (V)
Not just Anna, but all of the Visitors. They aren't hovering over our heads and torturing us any more with their mediocre acting abilities and lame threats and unappealing lizard skin. So glad that they've returned from whence they came: the scrap heap of TV history.

9. Marti (Hellcats)
She was an aspiring lawyer and a cheerleader and a musician. In other words, a versatile mediocrity. And now she can go about banging her mentor/professor without us having to see it.

8. Cuddy (House)
Cuddy was really only part of the problem, when you get right down to it. But her volatile relationship with House helped drag the last few seasons down. She wasn't great at her job, her relationship with House had run its course (right through her window) and we'd like to see someone actually try and rein the grumpy doctor in. Once he gets out of prison, or whatever, that is.

7. Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men)
We're actually excited to watch Two and a Half Men this fall, which is something that we never thought we'd say, mostly because we want to see how they kill/write off Charlie Sheen's alter ego.

6. Julie Taylor (Friday Night Lights)
She was easily the worst part of a great show (well, aside from that whole murder storyline we like to pretend never aired). She was pouty, insufferable and always detracted from the otherwise fantastic plots. The only reason she was even remotely interesting to have around was because she gave the Taylor parents a chance to shine more. But we so didn't care about her dating life, or her hot-for-teacher phase or who she ended up with. (Our condolences to those watching the last season on NBC - you still have a few more weeks of pain ahead of you.)

5. Viserys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
What a whiny would-be king. He was self-involved, treated his sister like chattel and tried to manipulate the Dothraki into doing his bidding. Thankfully, he got his just desserts with his golden crown of melted gold (we rewound to watch it again more than once).

4. Deangelo Vickers (The Office)
We were genuinely anticipating Will Ferrell's guest stint on the show, but we would have curbed our enthusiasm had we known how obnoxious and inconsistent Deangelo Vickers was going to be. He was alternately mean and pathetic and loathsome. Sorry about the basketball-induced brain damage, but at least it means he won't come back.

3. Scotty McCreery (American Idol)
More of a caricature than a character, but either way, now that he's won the top prize, he'll go make his mark on the country music community. So, judging by the sales of most former Idols, we'll never have to acknowledge his existence again..

2. Clark Kent (Smallville)
From a sweet dopey kid to the Clark Kent we grew to know and hate, it was a long ten years of ridiculous brooding as he had his heart broken or loved ones taken away over and over. His whole demeanor had become so melodramatic that we're glad that he and his super suit have taken off in a blur.

1. Jenny/Vanessa (Gossip Girl)
How could we possibly be expected to choose which of these annoying characters was the worst? Their double departure was the best news we heard all season for a multitude of reasons and we won't shed a tear about the fact that we don't have to see Jenny's unfortunate eye makeup or Vanessa's unfortunate everything ever again.

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