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TWoP 10: Hardest Working Characters on Summer TV

by Angel Cohn September 2, 2011 6:01 am
TWoP 10: Hardest Working Characters on Summer TV

With Labor Day upon us, we thought we'd take a moment to recognize the underappreciated folks on TV (real and scripted) who have really busted their asses this summer in order to get their jobs done -- whatever they may be. For their sake (and in some cases ours), we're hoping they take a well-deserved long weekend to rest.

10. Lafayette (True Blood)
Sure he took off for a while and was presumed dead, but of all the scatterbrained Merlotte's employees, Lafayette is arguably the most reliable. It doesn't matter if he has to trek down to Mexico to meet his boyfriend's crazy family and nearly die in the process, or if he's hooking up with a coven or dealing with people possessing his body, he's still behind the grill.

9. Nick Cannon (America's Got Talent)
There is nothing that this father of twins won't do for a laugh. He hosts a New York-based radio show, does the live AGT show and somehow helps care for newborns in addition to dancing like an idiot, dangling from ropes and being used as a prop for magicians, all in his sometimes off-putting, high-energy way.

8. Emma (The Lying Game)
It would seem like a dream to be able to go from a dysfunctional foster home to living with an upper-class family, but it's not when you have to pretend to be your twin sister while she's off trying to find your birth mom. And when your twin is a rude, conniving mean girl to boot, then it's really a challenge. But that's the demanding task set forth for Emma, who does her best to fill Sutton's awful shoes every week.

7. Rachel (Big Brother)
Now that she doesn't have Brendon to lean on, this whiner actually had to woman up and do something in the game. She's a beast in challenges (especially when they are created for her skill set) and also has a though-out strategy, unlike some other people. We still can't stand her voice or her laugh, but she's probably the most productive person in that house of lazy bums.

6. Mike (Suits)
He's a first-year associate, which is an 80-hour a week job at the very least, but he's also working for Harvey, who calls him in at a moment's notice day or night -- we haven't seen any of the other associates sleeping in the file room. And Mike rides his bike everywhere, is involved with two different women and constantly has to try to hide the fact that he didn't actually go to Harvard. We're tired just thinking about his life.

5. Gus (Breaking Bad)
Gus has multiple successful businesses to run simultaneously, one of which is currently going through a turf war with a scary drug cartel, and yet he still has time to serve soda to special customers and straighten out meth-addicted employees. And sadly, thanks to Hank's fine police work and Walt's death wish, it looks like things are only going to get harder for the guy.

4. The Situation (Jersey Shore)
What kind of person hurls themselves into a cement wall to avoid a fight and ends up with a concussion? This particular kind of idiot. He's so desperate for screentime that he'll do anything, be it spreading hook-up rumors about his only female friend in the house or fighting the actual 3,000-pound gorilla in the room. Though at least Sitch is fully aware that his fame is fleeting and that he needs to capitalize on it while he can.

3. Skitters & Mechs (Falling Skies)
They had to take over an entire planet this summer and then defend it against an insurrection. That's not an easy feat. And there's also the additional effort required to abduct children. Not as easy as it looks.

2. Vienna (Bachelor Pad)
It has to have be exhausting memorizing which lies she's spun about Jake, remembering to be terrified to be in his presence and keeping up the pretense of dating Kasey when she clearly doesn't find him attractive. Plus, she has to put on a happy face while he berates her in public, not to mention deal with his horrendous halitosis. Don't you dare say that famewhoring isn't a full-time job.

1. A (Pretty Little Liars)
Killing people, blackmailing therapists, poisoning girls, giving back massages, pumping HGH into lotion bottles, shopping for creepy dolls, ruining fashion shows, online boot shopping, visiting morgues, constantly sending threatening text messages... those things take time. A lot of time. For A's sake, we hope he or she at least has a personal assistant.

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