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<I>House of Lies</I>: The <I>So You Think You Can Dance</I> Edition

The "Amsterdam" episode of House of Lies was another installment filled with "boys will be boys" behavior and lots of salacious behavior (sex in the middle of a bathroom, use of the c-word to describe a woman and lots of comments on Marty smelling like pussy). That behavior and fast-talking deals seem to be the entire M.O. of this show. However, this episode did have one fantastic breakout subplot (and it didn't even involve the adorable Roscoe), in which Doug excitedly ran into Cat Deeley at the airport.

We're not at all shy about the fact that we love Cat Deeley over here on TWoP, so we appreciate anything that puts her on our TV screens more often. We're also grateful of the fact that she wasn't trying to act here (not that she can't; just that we like her being her). And even though her appearance was all just a giant set-up for a boner joke, she was quite adorable. She was just stuck at the airport, engaging in small talk with Doug about his love of dancing and ballet, and then helping him clean up the coffee that he spilled all over his crotch. She even appreciated his cookie-smelling cologne: "You smell like vanilla latte." Doug was smitten; too bad her gentle touch was more than he could handle. "She patted my balls. God... I just love her."

Still, seeing her wasn't the best scene of the night (sacrilege, we know); it was the scene that followed in which Clyde discussed how he would have closed the deal with Cat Deeley. Watching him artfully craft a scenario where he'd stalk her, then tell her about his dead sister and his desire to help whiskerless kittens in Istanbul was very clever. And his spontaneous pitch for a movie role for her was pretty inspired in that it involved every girl movie cliché possible. "It's sensitive, selfless, a former drug addict. It's Ghandi , meets The Little Mermaid meets The Notebook, vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina."

Sounds great. If Cat Deeley turns it down, we're sure that Katherine Heigl would take that part. Hell, Kristen Bell would probably take that part as it sounds infinitely better than When in Rome. This episode, like the premiere, still seems to be lacking a larger point, but with a Cat Deeley cameo, we're willing to overlook almost anything.

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