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<i>Modern Family</i>: Why Last Night’s Episode Was Really a Season High

I honestly didn't laugh very much during "Aunt Mommy," but I still thorough enjoyed it. It displayed how well-oiled of a machine Modern Family can be, especially thanks to a few of the biggest elements of the episodes:

Cam and Mitchell Got Along
Any time we get an episode that doesn't center around them bickering, this show is substantially better. Was that so hard?

Sibling Love
I'm a complete sucker for brother-and-sister moments between Mitchell and Claire, and their secret meeting under the table was sweet, believable and productive. The surrogate storyline was a little choppy -- especially in its pacing -- but the drunken dinner conversation highlighted how comically talented Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell (watching his face throughout this scene was amazing), Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet are.

Luke's One-Liners
As far as the other siblings on this show went, the Dunphy kids were entertaining, too ... but, as per usual, Luke completely stood out. I loved his lice-ridden friend ("Thanks for the hat, Leon. It kind of tickles!"), but clearly his best line of the night was in response to Claire's surrogacy: "Why, because Lily's such a mess? [...] But we can agree she's a disastrous human being."

Gloria's Backstory
Okay, first of all, I loved that Cam and Gloria's baby looked exactly like Manny. And while I didn't necessarily need to learn about her cab-driving past, frankly, SofĂ­a Vergara was in need of a storyline that didn't revolve around her being attractive. It also translated into a lovely little family moment between her, Manny and Jay.

Daddy Jay
Jay's at his best when he plays protector to his wife and stepson. The broken-record gag was a little grating, but it was countered with the less-predictable fact that Manny was actually pretty decent at football. Maybe Modern Family is stuck in a bit of a rut, but I'd still rather watch it than 99 percent of the other sitcoms on TV.

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