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Love Family Guy? You’re Probably a Democrat

by Lauren Gitlin September 24, 2008 2:56 pm
Love <i>Family Guy</i>? You’re Probably a Democrat What do your TV-watching habits say about you? Or, more precisely, what do peoples' favorite shows reveal about their political preferences? According to a poll administered by audience rating entity FastTrack Television, McCain and Obama supporters share a lot of the same faves, with a few illuminating exceptions. While both camps love them some House and The Office, Obama lovers are more inclined to watch shows with a, shall we say, rather juvenile comedic sensibility like Family Guy and Two and a Half Men, while McCain-iacs are more interested in manly man fare like Survivor and NCIS. Translation: Dems like poop jokes, fantastical conceits like talking babies and misogyny (Charlie Sheen), while Republicans have closeted gay feelings towards Jeff Probst, enjoy watching people lie and cheat to get what they want and like watching Mark Harmon act like a tough guy. Draw from this information what you will. Perhaps the most enlightening bit of info? The Undecideds were the only group polled who watch E.R., which, among other things, puts to rest the mind boggling question of how that show is still on the air. If these people are convinced E.R. is good television, clearly they have bigger problems than deciding who to vote for.




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