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<I>Rock of Love</I>‘s Daisy Gets In a Sticky Situation

Gentlemen, grab your condoms and head on over to the VH1 casting offices. You can win a chance to date Daisy de la Hoya, she of Rock of Love fame. You remember, she was the one that looked like Janice from The Muppet Show and was super slutty. So if you are one of those Plushies or have been dying to pick up Bret Michaels' sloppy seconds (and STDs), now's your chance. And there's good news for you internet porn lovers: you don't even have to move from your computer, you can apply online to be a part of the skankfest. And then fans, or people who can't turn away from this massive, disgusting trainwreck, can vote on whether you are worthy to compete for a chance at sleeping with getting a blow job from dating Daisy.

While I can kind of understand the types of fame-whores who would turn up for a chance to date an aging hair band front man, who the hell is going to apply for this crap? Michaels may be washed up and sporting a wig these days, but he was actually famous for doing something at some point. I mean, "Talk Dirty to Me" is a strip club classic. But here, the prize is Daisy. Daisy! She's the runner-up on one of the grossest reality shows of all time. Ugh. I do know one person who is probably excited to watch this, and her name is Potes.

In related, and slightly less disgusting news, Rock Of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne starts this weekend. We can expect skanky girls who don't merit their own trashy Bachelorette rip-off learning how to behave like normal adults. That's a tall order for Mrs. Osbourne. But you are probably less likely to catch herpes over the airwaves from this show than either the Daisy nightmare or the forthcoming Rock of Love on a bus season, so I'm really just trying to help you out.

And on a side note, I'd just like to congratulate Tila Tequila. She's no longer the most disgusting/worthless person with a dating reality show. She's slid down the list to number 2. So good for her.




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