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Two Hours of <I>Celebrity Apprentice</I>, Just What I Never Wanted

I've complained all season (to anyone who would listen... which is all of about three people) that two hours of The Biggest Loser is just plain old too much. And that's a show I actually like to watch. And now NBC, which apparently just loves the idea of stretching out reality shows so you get to hear the same crap over and over and over again, with a handy recap at the half way point, they are at it again with the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. And this show... I actually don't like to watch. I watch it anyway... because it's sorta my job. But I don't enjoy it. As mildly amusing/annoying as it was to watch Piers Morgan and Omagrossa fight about their respective levels of fame or lack there of, it just gives me a headache. And now it's going to take up two valuable hours of my TiVo time on Sunday nights, when I totally have much better things to be watching, like The Amazing Race or Ruby or really anything else.

Apparently Mark Burnett and The Donald agree that there's just not enough of people throwing each other under the bus and basically acting like assholes in the boardroom in a regular hour-long episode. Fabulous. And the rumored celebrities we get more of? Khloe Kardashian (not even Kim, or her ass), Joan Rivers and the bonus irritation of her grating and untalented daughter Melissa, Heather Mills (because people loved her just so much on Dancing With the Stars), Scott Hamilton (of figure skating fame) and Tony Danza (he's the boss!). Now unless the entire extra hour is devoted to Tony Danza getting lessons from Scott Hamilton on how to do badass backflips while balancing on two little blades, I'm not OK with it.

Your thoughts? Can you tolerate more of this insanity? Do you have an insatiable appetite for this show? Are you one of the few people who looks forward to watching the extra filler/padding on reality shows? Let us know.




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